Coding in public

In case it’s of interest I’ve put my work-in-progress, of re-writing this site in Django, up at Github. It won’t be much use to anyone yet, as it’s early days, and it’s very tailored towards what I want. It’s mainly a tool for me to learn; I’m taking it slowly and trying to do things right.

But I thought it might be interesting to code in public. If you happen to know anything about Django do feel free to poke around and tell me where I’m going wrong.

Also, treating this like a Real Grown-Up Project means I have to get to grips with Github. Despite knowing version control systems are essential, and despite having used them since, I’ve had a fear of them for a decade now, since bad experiences with CVS (“It’s stuck in the attic!”). But after dabbling with Mercurial and Git over the past couple of years, and after managing to fork and contribute to something on Github without breaking things too badly, I’m feeling more confident. About time.

Anyway, have a look if you’re interested, with the caveat that progress will be patchy and, as I said, I might never finish and I’m really only doing it for me. But still, coding in public. I feel terribly modern.

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22 Sep 2010 at Twitter

  • 8:04pm: Using my mobile phone to find the nearest point with bikes I can hire using my keyring is a real "I'm living in the future" moment.
  • 7:40am: The sun is out and the streets round here are calm and slightly busier than an architect's rendering.
  • 7:37am: Bon voyage @blech! London's loss is San Francisco's gain.

22 Sep 2010 in Links

Music listened to most that week

  1. Pixies (16)
  2. The Delgados (1)
  3. Gene (1)
  4. Sleeper (1)
  5. Jackie Edwards (1)
  6. The Wedding Present (1)
  7. Elastica (1)
  8. Lush (1)
  9. Belly (1)
  10. Suede (1)

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