Week 375

I managed to have most of a day off this week, really off, away from the computer off. That was nice.

Three other days or so were spent doing Twitter-related non-work. I updated the code that posts @samuelpepys to use OAuth (the new method of proving you are who you say you are when something posts to Twitter) which was reasonably simple.

Then I updated the code which re-publishes all my tweets on gyford.com (eg, Wednesday’s), which lead on to a couple of days of fiddling with a new, related feature which I’ll probably make live next week once I’ve decided whether compromising my own privacy in such a fashion is really wise.

Today has, as usual, been spent updating Pepys and fixing a few score more broken comments on the site.

This week Russell and Leila both wrote about BRIG, our office, which is also nice.

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27 Aug 2010 at Twitter

  • 2:43pm: I think that coffee was quite strong. I'm still coming up. Or else the Lamington was sprinkled with coke rather than dessicated coconut.
  • 1:21pm: Rewarding a day of tedious Pepys work with a lunch of coffee and a Lamington.
  • 9:11am: It's a shame when a website's advertising knows I'm in the UK, but the site's content doesn't. #accuweather