Week 372

A bit of a gap there but the three past weeks have been pretty much the same work-wise, so let’s collapse them into some kind of folded temporal zig-zag of time and treat them as one.

The majority of my days recently have been spent working on a project for the new client, which remains under wraps for the moment. It’s been lots of JavaScript, talking to an API, swearing at Internet Explorer, that kind of thing. Aside from the swearing, it’s been a good process; the client is completely up for a kind of design-as-development (or should that be development-as-design), in which the exploration of the data and interface, its design and the programming, are all happening concurrently. There have been no wireframes, no Photoshop mock-ups, just a continual process of poking and pushing and building and polishing towards what it could be. “It” will be shown to some potential users shortly for their comments, after which there will be more to do.

I’ve been able to spend Fridays on Pepys recently and, as well as the 3-4 hours spent on updating the diary (he’s rather verbose recently), I’ve been ploughing on with an equally onerous task. A database move a few years ago left many of the comments posted on the site truncated, and I’m now manually fixing them, thanks to archive.org’s copy. But with probably 2,000 broken comments, it’s taking a while.

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7 Aug 2010 at Twitter

  • 9:02pm: @tomskitomski Y. a. y!
  • 6:24pm: If I was to read only one high-signal, low-noise site/blog/whatever for NFL news, what would it be?
  • 6:08pm: Aha... got a cycle hire bike without a jammed front wheel and it was much easier! Also remembered it wasn't a fixie and I could coast. SOLD!
  • 2:34pm: Two men in a coffeeshop discuss the weirdness of the lack of privacy online, then proceed to have a loud row about their relationship.
  • 12:00pm: First cycle-hire use: low geared, really tiring. Maybe I just need to slow down. It's still wonderful though.
  • 10:54am: @suegyford You are truly an Edinburgh local! :)
  • 10:53am: @spaceboy Have you only got rid of half the body!? What bad timing!
  • 9:47am: @mildlydiverting A Facebook "Like" button is one thing, but they also need a Facebook "This is PR gibberish" button. "Cool"? Idiots.

7 Aug 2010 in Links