Week 367

That was a busy week, on work and social fronts and in the overlap between.

The first three days were spent at Somethin’ Else working on the Super Me site for Channel 4 which was announced this week. This is what I’ve been working on there, off and on, for a while now, most recently doing the front-end development. This week was tidying up many odds and ends that came up during functional and accessibility testing.

In all the years I’ve been making websites I could probably count the number of sites that have had proper, rigorous, third-party testing done on them before launch on the fingers of one hand while still using most of the hand to type HTML, so it’s great to see it happening here.

On Thursday I was fortunate enough to attend the Guardian’s Activate 2010 conference which was a lovely, cosy size (ie, it cost a fair bit) and had some interesting speakers. While it was all fairly media/techy there was quite a good global perspective, with people talking about things (journalism, activism, aid coordination) being done around the world. OK, mostly “western” people talking about things, but still. I was also pulled onto a panel about creativity at the last minute, where I rambled about Pepys’ Diary and Today’s Guardian.

Friday I was back in office, catching up on a week of neglected tasks and preparing more Pepys (which I’ve only just now finished). No time in week 367 to update and fix Today’s Guardian, but week 368 should be a different matter.

On top of all this, last weekend was full of celebrating my mum’s birthday and driving all my childhood/teenage possessions to our now more crowded flat. Plus we had some welcome houseguests staying all week, so I was forced — forced! — to eat nice things, and see bits of a sunny London I usually never get round to seeing. Add in various other visiting friends and gatherings, and some rushed work-related evening document-writing, and it’s been a pleasantly hectic week. Good.

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4 Jul 2010 at Twitter

  • 5:26pm: @caxtonian Nope, no effect from the Guardian here, unsurprisingly, as there's no link or mention of the website (which is fine).
  • 5:01pm: A little baffled by a few people thinking that because they've just discovered @samuelpepys this means he's only just started tweeting.
  • 2:30pm: On Upcoming: "Your attendance of this event is also being shared via Yahoo! Updates" Why? What are they? How do I make them stop? Bad Yahoo.
  • 11:29am: I am normal, you are a hipster, he is a self-facilitating media node. (Having coffee in Look Mum No Hands.)

Music listened to most that week

  1. Ikonika (15)
  2. Digital Mystikz (3)
  3. Kode9 (3)
  4. Wagon Christ (3)
  5. Pixies (2)
  6. Thompson Twins (2)
  7. The Jam (2)
  8. Zomby (2)
  9. Terror Danjah (2)
  10. Aztec Camera (2)

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