Week 362

A few days late, but last week… No client work in Week 362, but (or maybe “and”) a satisfying and fun few days.

Monday to Wednesday was mainly spent on a forthcoming personal project, which will hopefully see the light of day next week. It’s about news, but is smaller, more achievable and less woolly than whatever I was trying to do with news earlier in the year. I’m pleased with it so far and need to add more polish later this week.

Thursday and Friday I went to the St Bride Library conference 2010, “DIY Design”. It was an interesting couple of days and I’ll hopefully type up the small number of notes I made soon.

Listening to people talk about topics I’m interested in, but that aren’t immediately related to what I do all day, seems a good way to approach conferences. Pushing a little at the edges of my knowledge, rather than expecting to hear new things in stuff I’m overly familiar with.

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1 Jun 2010 at Twitter

  • 10:20pm: I thought the final, seventh, season of 'The Shield' started aimlessly but... wow. It ended as tenseley as ever. Brilliant. Very, very good.
  • 7:44pm: Reclaimed our dining area from warped floorboards after six months. The flat suddenly seems bigger and less cluttered. Hurrah!
  • 8:59am: Because mining is an appropriate metaphor for coding. Yeah, they're *exactly* the same, the conditions really are comparable. Stupid idea.
  • 8:55am: Back to chipping away at the ticket face: 24 open tickets.