Week 355

Week 354 whizzed by without being weeknoted and 355 almost did too. Both were pretty similar.

I’ve been continuing with the front-end development work at Somethin’ Else which still has a little while to run; we should be ready for internal testing/beta by the end of this coming week. From my point of view things have been going fine, although Facebook Connect continues in its fine work of draining development of any joy or sense.

I’m too fed up of Facebook Connect and its un-navigable, inconsistent and confusing documentation wiki to even rant about it coherently. After the last project I did which used it I swore I would never use it again. Maybe I’ll manage to stick to my guns this time. It’s a potentially useful and fantastic thing. But I don’t want to spend any more of my life developing with it until it Just Works.

Anyway. Otherwise, the project is fine.

Aside from that I’m feeling constantly behind with everything. I can’t work out why. Too many trips? Too much work? Too many non-work things? All the above? Whatever, I feel a bit too hectic but also that I’m not achieving enough things compared with how busy I’m feeling. Maybe that’s always been the case.

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11 Apr 2010 at Twitter

  • 5:39pm: This project is a triumph of stubbornness over sense. Done, time to go home!
  • 11:59am: In yr office, hyperlinking yr diary.
  • 7:54am: Up betimes and to the office. Only to find a new lock on the door. Bugger. Let me know if you have a key I can pick up from you.