Week 353

Back to work this week after most of last week on a post-SXSW holiday and I’m back with Somethin’ Else, cracking on with the HTML, CSS and JavaScript on what I, and I alone, called Project Humphrey for the purposes of these weeknotes.

That’s all going fine really. As ever with going away — and having other breaks coming up — I have a lot of non-work admin and Pepys to catch up on and prepare, so everything’s more hectic than I’d like, but generally all is good.

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26 Mar 2010 at Twitter

  • 4:54pm: Analogue or digital friction? Sticky chocolate cake fingers on the trackpad.
  • 3:22pm: @spaceboy @samuelpepys' court case is too laborious to fit into tweets. Business, not personal. You should read the full diary! #upselling
  • 12:59pm: @blech Because some cyclists think you're only a cyclist if you ride the right bike and see it as a way of life, rather than transport.

26 Mar 2010 in Links

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