Week 351

This is late, it’s about last week, the beginning of which seems a long time ago, before I came away to Austin, TX last Thursday.

I was very busy before leaving. If I count Pepys as work then I managed to fit 12 quite intense working days into the ten calendar days before I came away. People have worked much harder, but for someone who generally manages to avoid working evenings or, especially, weekends, it was enough.

I wrapped up, mostly, the bit of work I was doing for BERG on El Morro - it could have been more complete but it was OK, I think. And I finished a bunch of static HTML/CSS pages for the project with Somethin’ Else — that was a rush as they were needed for some early testing the day I get back to London, so had to be done before I left.

The rest of the week, after a long and tedious day’s travel, I’ve been at SXSW. I may write more on that when it’s completely over. The conference itself is frustrating, trying to be too many things to too many (13,000? 17,000?) people. But it’s been a good trip aside from that.


  • this is so off subject but when i was in 4th grade i did a project on you and you sent me a pic your my idol Twyla and now that Im 11 you have inspired me it can't beat you but i have been dancing for 6 years thank you for getting me through the tough times you have helped me so hows Jesse? i am very happy you took up dancing or i wouldnt be dancing today when i was reading my moms time magazine i saw a whole article on you and wow you have done a lot this might not sound like much but i am sooo proud of you you have dance a son and a beautiful face this is what i hope to have someday i wish i could be like you so lets see in a few years if it works. P.S the email is my moms i don't have one yet but please email me bye from, Cassie

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16 Mar 2010 at Twitter

  • 10:06pm: "Post digital" is all very well, but when your beautiful SXSW book lists the wrong room for @bruces' talk, it's less useful, @stml :) #mbsp
  • 10:04pm: @msjen I remember numbering #666 this morning and made sure to do it nice and clearly! #mbsp
  • 8:17pm: Watching the maps, books, spimes, etc gang prepare the goods in Hilton room H. http://my.sxsw.com/events/event/588 #sxsw #mbsp
  • 4:42pm: Mumblecomp.
  • 1:49pm: Yesterday's 'Heroes' feedback from my followers: season 2 was bad and it has got worse/same/better since then. That's settled then.
  • 1:28pm: Numbering limited edition things for @newspaperclub to give away in their panel this afternoon (3.30, Hilton H). #sxsw
  • 3:45am: SXSW itself continues to be adequate. The rest of the time continues to be jolly nice indeed. Bed now, night.
  • 1:49am: If you meet @benterrett be sure to ask for his slam poetry style rendition of 'Summertime' by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Well smart.
  • 1:36am: @paulaledieu How come we're both at sxsw and haven't crossed paths yet!? We're at Hotel San Jose right now, the place to be!

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