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40,000 RSS feeds

For anyone who’s keeping track of such things, The Time When now has a load of RSS feeds, all with satisfyingly tidy URLs. To be accurate there are getting on for 40,000 RSS feeds, but practically this boils down to:

  • A feed for all memories posted to the site
  • A feed for each user, featuring memories posted by them (see any user’s page for the link).
  • A feed that aggregrates memories posted by each user’s friends.
  • A feed for every day on the site, listing memories posted about it. ie, 7 July 2005 has its own feed, as does every day since 1900.

Admittedly, most dates are devoid of memories at the moment but maybe this opens things up for other interesting purposes. If none of this makes sense, see the BBC’s page explaining RSS feeds.

Today’s other new feature is the ability to search for users by name.

As ever, contact us if you find any problems or can think of more improvements. There’s more on the way…


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Tuesday 1 August 2006, 6:36pm

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