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Last year I did quite a bit of work creating HTML/CSS templates for They’re moving so quickly that most (if not all) of that work is no longer visible, but I’ve been doing a smidgen more work recently and part of that has just been released: The Ningbar. It’s a bar across the top of the screen (for example, here) with lots of constant tools and mini-pages ready to be revealed from it. You can read more about it at and via Diego’s post.

My work on the Ningbar has been limited — a very small proportion of the Dojo-flavoured JavaScript and some squashing of CSS bugs. But if you’re in to all that stuff it’s worth poking around in the code as it’s mighty clever. I was bowled over by how organised and generally nifty the CSS was. For example, if you click a tab on the Ningbar the panel that opens up has a gradient background. The gradients are all done with monotone transparent pngs overlaid on a plain colour. Which means the colours can be changed by simply tweaking the CSS background-color and keeping the same gradient image overlaid on top. Clever clever. Congratulations to everyone involved!


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Monday 26 June 2006, 7:49pm

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