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Sunday 15 May 2005

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I do like some soppy songs, and Fountains of Wayne’s Hackensack is one of them. It’s not just boy loses girl, but boy loses childhood girlfriend who then becomes famous and successful. Somehow this makes the song even sadder and it reminded me of Thomas Dolby’s Europa and the Pirate Twins (and its less good sequel Eastern Bloc):

I used to know you when we were young,
You were in all my dreams
We sat together in period one,
Fridays at 8:15
Now I see your face in the strangest places:
Movies and magazines
I saw you talking to Christopher Walken
On my TV screen

Europa and the Pirate Twins:
Nine years after, who’d I see
On the cover of a magazine?
Buy her singles and see all her films
Paste her pictures on my windowsill
But that’s not quite the same (It isn’t, is it?)
Europa my old friend…



Now *I* want to cry!

It reminds me of "Honeypie," if less upbeat, except that I was never clear whether that song was meant to be about someone the narrator actually knew. And whoever that person was, she couldn't have been as famous and successful as Lennon & McCartney.

I'd love to be so famous and successful as to compel somebody else famous and successful to write about me that way. Not sure how I could merit fame or success - but hopefully just by being me!

Posted by Susan on 17 May 2005, 12:44 am | Link

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