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Monday 8 December 2003

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Last week I helped Poke set up Jamie Oliver’s new website. It’s an interim effort, with more thrilling stuff on the way apparently, and is quite nice as these things go (and that doesn’t feel too much like blowing my own trumpet, given very little of its visible niceness is down to me).

Aside from the main weblog, er, diary, which is only of interest if you’re obsessed with how Jamie’s been spending his time recently, there’s a growing question and answer section which contains nearly 300 little tips so far. It’s all a bit overly chatty, peppered with Jamie-isms (“darlin’”, “sweetheart”), and often promotes his (and Sainsbury’s) latest ventures, but it’s also genuinely useful and interesting, and I’m now addicted. Even the matey chattiness wore through my cynical armour after a while. I so want to learn how to cook properly.

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