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Friday 20 June 2003

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I’ve just launched a completely redesigned Haddock Directory. I was bored of the old low contrast design which had been around since 1999 so I decided to rewrite the dreadful old code from the ground up. And, the biggest relief, I’ve finally eradicated HTML tables from all my sites in favour of CSS. It feels like I’ve “finished” everything, or come as close as one ever does.

The data itself (themselves?) could do with some tidying up too: sorting out the encoding of non-ASCII characters which I didn’t think about in 1997 and have yet to fix; acknowledging more of the broken links (which, like this one, send people to the Internet Archive); and adding more categories to thin down some of the overgrown ones.

Should you want to see the Directory’s previous designs you can find sample pages toward the bottom of this archives page.

The other change is that the Directory no longer forms the front page of That made sense when the Directory was the only site hosted there but it had come to seem odd to me. Anyone who only wants the Directory can visit instead. If you have any problems with, or thoughts about, the new designs, do let me know.


Ah, no wonder you've been busy recently. Check out my site and see what happened to my computer. Yipes!

Posted by ted on 24 June 2003, 8:26 am | Link

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