Daily Phil
Friday 21st July 2000

I’ve returned to Houston for the rest of the year. It’s very strange to be somewhere so different and yet so familiar. I’m hoping the next five months fly by…

Anyway, here’s a list of things I’ll miss about being in London, written on a train while trying to avoid reading anything college-related:

John Peel, Alan Bennett, BBC TV, Channel 4, Britpop, dance music, public transport, cynicism, mild weather, British accents, history, seaside towns, black cabs, Routemaster buses, sandwiches, Branston pickle, BBC Radio, good TV ads, national papers, international sports, dense cities, smaller cars, more cyclists, French films, Jacques Peretti, number plates with the EU symbol on them, not having to translate my speech into American, lack of religion.

And friends and family, but that goes without saying really.