Daily Phil
Tuesday 28th March 2000

So if I write something just after midnight, do I give it the date of “today”, like I would with my diary, or of “tomorrow”, like I would if this were a real publishing deal, meeting deadlines?

Like it matters. When busy, repurpose! I was working on some scenarios for the past few days, and made an attempt to present the results in a different manner. This is a possible scenario for the recording industry in 2010… I don’t know where to start picking holes in its worth as a scenario, even assuming it makes any sense. It’s turned out as more of a sketch, but it was much more fun to write than it could have been.

<pINCH> I can’t find nuthin good today
<Natalia> yeah lastweek was so cool
<pINCH> yeh I can’t find any cool tunes this week. Nothing new :(
<RaZiNg> im gunna see you there
<Natalia> didja here the new one from Iraiza….its crazy
<pINCH> you mean Kaji? he’s old like two weeks….. Iraizas boys are all the same…cutey winky boring… he cant designf or shit
<Natalia> Kajis so rip he still souds new. Zane’s got a whole band coming out next week- Dals seen them and says they move so real
<RaZiNg> see ya there
<pINCH> wowowowow Dals so cool nat your lucky! Zane hasn’t got a gf so i’m hoping…..one day he’ll be mine!!!! :)
*** rosie_glow has entered the room
<Natalia> yeah Dal was hangin in this world Lindz is making and htey’ve got all this cool music nshit… yknow real real new shit
<Natalia> HEY ROSIE!!
my bodys sayin yeah
<pINCH> EVERY1s talkin bout it nat. you seen it?
<Natalia> naaaah its like real secret and its only guys in Lindzs band… neway they found this new server and theres all this shit there theyve never heard
<Natalia> loads of its shit yeah like always but they got this real new Zane stuff like prototyp[es….. Dal said its sooooo cool
<pINCH> Dal always knows the newest stuff……. he rox
<Natalia> =)
<pINCH> I wanna work fro Zane itd be awesome. I did this like japanese woman last week and 100s of people played her
<rosie_glow> ugh omg my dad is such a freakin a-hole
yeah she was cool pinch - I played her like monday lunch
<pINCH> uh but I finished her last week
<Natalia> oh……….. well she was still cool =)
<pINCH> thanx nat
<RaZiNg> boredboredboredbored
<rosie_glow> hes like buying all this music. he thinks CDs sound better
<Natalia> duh hes a dad rosie
<RaZiNg> mmmmmm whos got Harmony pix?????
<rosie_glow> my dad sez the only real music is the music you buy
<Natalia> Lindz duznt like fx music. he sez it duznt have ne soul but hes like 22 or sumthin. but like millions of ppl listened to the song he made at the w/e
<pINCH> Just cos its *real* doesnt mean its good Nat :)
<Natalia> yeh but some companys going to sell his next song on early release next saturday.
*** RaZiNg has left the room
<pINCH> yeh some real musics cool but its so cheesy. I can wait to hear it free on Saturday afternoon :) Zanes it. Ive bought all his figures
<Natalia> r u gonna get his new memory stick?
<pINCH> of course!!!!!!! yeh some things you *have* to pay for!!! but its gonna be like so cool i’m gonna play it for days!!!
<Natalia> bring it to school so I can here it pinch! Dal sez you can copy music from the sticks now
<pINCH> noo not these ones they changed them again
<Natalia> hmm…. well I can wait - someonel’l crack it again soon and I can copy yours then…… pleeeeeeze!!!
<pINCH> LOL sure
<rosie_glow> have u got n e new Hazel Ray?
<pINCH> no….. nat you were into her
<Natalia> No I think she’s gone now. Haven’t heard anything for like 2 weeks. She was like so big for weeks and weeks and weeks!!!
<rosie_glow> yeh I thought maybe she was over.
<Natalia> Harmony’s really like her tho, you’d like her rosie. shes on the same site too
<rosie_glow> I haven’t heard her. she new?
<Natalia> well, like a few days. keep up rosie!!!!

I also produced a scenario purely with images, which was even more work, possibly works even less well as a scenario, but was just as much fun (1.6Mb Quicktime).