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Bookmarks tagged with “webdevelopment”

  1. Automate the Web - Zapier

    IFTTT alternative. More complex, more possibilities, costs money for more/faster responses, aimed a bit more at businesses than individuals. But, after a quick play, seems very nicely done.

  2. Bootstrap 2.x to 3.0 Migration Guide

    For moving Twitter Bootstrap sites to the new version. There doesn’t seem to be anything like this in the official 3.0 docs. Yet, at least.

  3. How We Build CMS-Free Websites | Development Seed

    On using Jekyll, GitHub Pages and to make websites without a traditional CMS.

  4. kjohnston/pgbackups-archive

    Ruby app for automating offsite backups of a Heroku postgres database to Amazon S3. I was amazed that having set up the various parts the whole thing worked first time. Brilliant.

  5. Sneak peek of Macaw - The code-savvy web design tool

    Actually looks quite good. Jump to the end to see the finished page in-browser, and the HTML and CSS. (via @jamesweiner)

  6. Hugosslade/smackmyglitchupjs

    JavaScript for glitching a jpg, no fancy interface.

  7. Image glitch experiment

    Nice JavaScript web-based tool for glitching a jpg image.

  8. LPChart: JavaScript charts for Little Printer publications | Robots and Clouds

    A thing I wrote for work about a thing I made at work to help make more things.

  9. Django 1.3 vs Rails 3: A not so final showdown - (think)

    A couple of years old, but a pretty good comparison (from a limited field).

  10. Online JSON Viewer

    I keep forgetting this URL. Useful because it’s much less picky about formatting input data, so it will nicely format things like Ruby objects I’ve printed to the logs even though they’re not JSON. (@infovore has now pointed me at pp and awesome_print, thanks!)

  11. Debug and test your API, webhook and mobile back end service integrations. · Runscope

    For inspecting your requests to/from APIs etc. Also a tunnelling thing for sharing your localhost, but only on the pay-for plan.

  12. localtunnel: instantly show localhost to the rest of the world

    I keep forgetting the name of this alternative to (née

  13. Jessica Hische on typography

    Really nice, lengthy article on how to choose typefaces, particularly for websites. (via Waxy)

  14. The top 20 data visualisation tools | Feature | .net magazine

    A nice summary of everything from Excel to Gephi. (via Dotcode)

  15. Composer

    Dependency manager for PHP. I’m out of touch with PHP and hadn’t heard of this.

  16. CSS Architecture | Appfolio Engineering

    Lots of good thoughts on structuring CSS. (via Tom Taylor)

  17. WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test

    Very detailed graphs and stuff. (via @tomtaylor)

  18. Geocities as Style and Marketing Gimmick @divshot | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

    I’ve had “Geocities WordPress theme” as a “someday” project for ages. Maybe I should cross it off now. Geocities styles for Twitter Bootstrap and Tumblr.

  19. Timeline JS - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use.

    Rather nice multimedia timelines. Open source. Twitter Bootstrap aesthetic. (via Mildly Diverting)

  20. ViziCities development diary #1: One month in | Rawkes

    This is great. Not just an interesting project — making a SimCity-like 3D view of a city’s data, on the web — but a lovely high-level (no actual code) description of learning how to solve and improve something. (via @neb)

  21. Test-Driven Django Tutorial

    Quite verbose tutorial, in a good way. Assumes very little Django knowledge, which is great/tedious depending on your own level.

  22. Flat UI Free - PSD&HTML User Interface Kit - Designmodo

    Looks interesting for quickly making things look nice. (via @paulpod)

  23. How We Built “Music Looks Awesome” & How You Can Join In - This Is My Jam

    Brilliant stuff - automatically making big, interesting, background images from a smaller album/video image.

  24. D3 | TULP interactive

    A few more d3 tutorials here.

  25. D3 Tutorials — Scott Murray — alignedleft

    Closing some handy tabs and saving things for the future. Some of these tutorials were very useful.

  26. iWantHue

    Another colour palette-generating thing. Looks nice, although I did seem to keep getting palettes containing two or more very similar shades. (via Migurski)

  27. NVD3.js :: re-usable charts for d3.js

    “An attempt to build re-usable charts and chart components for d3.js without taking away the power that d3.js gives you.” So many of these things to choose from. (via @nickludlam)

  28. xCharts » Documentation

    “A D3-based library for building custom charts and graphs.” (via @danjwilson)

  29. Discourse

    New open source discussion forum type software. Brilliant that people are doing this, given how old-fashioned forum software still is. Requires IE 10 and similar though. (via Tom Taylor)

  30. The stupid cookie law is dead at last | Silktide blog

    “History has shown us that whenever a law opposes the will of the people, it doesn’t tend to do much. It may have been illegal to tape songs off the radio, but there’s little appetite from police officers to cart schoolchildren off to prison for it. And so it is here.” (via @tomskitomski)

  31. Cross Browser Testing Tool. 100+ Browsers, Mobile, Real IE.

    Sounds good. Jude said it was good, which is good enough for me. Good. (via Dotcode)

  32. Responsive Design Bookmarklet

    Very nicely done bookmarklet to view a web page in iPad/iPhone sizes, with and without onscreen keyboards. (via Brett Terpstra)

  33. Django Class-Based-View Inspector — Classy CBV

    I usually have a tab open to look through the class-based-views on Github. This might be better.

  34. fberriman » Conferences aren’t the problem

    Yes, this is the thing. Our entire industry is not at all diverse, so blaming conference organisers is, often, just avoiding the actual issue. No one’s said “I’m never using [company]’s website/product because they’re nearly all white men.” Because then they’d hardly have any websites/products to use.

  35. Complete Single Server Django Stack Tutorial |

    Really clear and comprehensive guide to setting up a Django site on Ubuntu.

  36. Carljm / django-lockdown / source / — Bitbucket

    I can’t believe password-protecting Django sites is still such a pain, but this is the best solution I’ve found so far. The latest version isn’t on PyPI though; had to pip install the most recent commit specifically.

  37. Rickshaw: A JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time-series graphs

    A nice wrapper on top of D3. Looks very handy. (via @nickludlam)

  38. Ratchet

    “Prototype iPhone apps with simple HTML, CSS and JS components.” Seems really nice. Less extensive than something like jQuery Mobile, but looks nice and simple to get something up and running quickly.

  39. addyosmani/backbone-fundamentals · GitHub

    A book about using Backbone.js (click to read it on one page). Looks good, and better explained than everything else I’ve read today. Wish I’d found this eight hours ago.

  40. Backbone patterns

    One of the few useful and not-entirely-confusing or too-specific things I’ve found about Backbone.js today.

  41. Organizing Your Backbonejs Application With Modules - Bocoup

    I quite like some of this description of how to organise Backbone.js-based JavaScript. (UPDATE: Seems very overcomplicated, without quite explaining why, or how to use its structure in practice.)

  42. Timpulse - Who Works With ‘Creative Coders?’

    Handy and interesting. A “list of institutions—both EU and Stateside—that are using creative coding”. (via @RandomEtc)

  43. Some pointers for Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning — Gist

    Not sure I’ll ever need this, but Matt Biddulph has collected useful things he’s found while getting to grips with this stuff, and I love it when people share their learning like that.

  44. Skala Preview, a Mac app by Bjango

    Quite magic Mac and iOS app for previewing graphics on iOS devices. Live updates as you change things in Photoshop.

  45. Chrome Web Store - Stylebot

    Lets you adjust the CSS of any website and have your changes stick. *cough*Co-op business banking*cough* (via @bamblesquatch)

  46. The easiest way to share localhost over the web - Showoff

    Seems to work well. Happy to pay a couple of dollars to avoid more mucking around with SSH keys and all that.

  47. A List Apart: Articles: Application Cache is a Douchebag

    Jake Archibald on exactly how this is a royal pain. One day down and I’ve still not got it working properly.

  48. A List Apart: Articles: The Web Aesthetic

    Paul Robert Lloyd on designing for the web’s constraints, not imitating other media.

  49. Chrome Web Store - Postman - REST Client

    No idea if there are other/better options, but this has been very useful for making POST requests etc.

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