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Links tagged with “via:saidthegramophone”

  1. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: Now Would Be a Good Time.

    They’re having a big sale to try and make up for the $130,000 they lost when a distributor went bankrupt. Buy nice stuff! (via Said the Gramophone)

  2. Heaven and Here

    Unofficial ‘The Wire’ weblog. Quiet at the moment, hopefully will start when the next series begins.. (via Said the Gramophone)

  3. YouTube - The Wrong Trousers

    Wonderful busking cover of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by teenage San Diegan buskers, including a harp. (via Said the Gramophone)

  4. 55 word stories

    Some lovely stories here, conveniently short and ideally suited to the short-haul commuter or the busy housewife. (via Said the Gramophone)

  5. Jacob Borshard

    ‘The Last Brontosaurus’ is my current favourite album and it’s free! Treading the fine line between twee and heart-breaking. (via Said the Gramophone)

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