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Links tagged with “via:rodcorp”

  1. The portable-infinite: David Markson interview

    From 1996. “The new book is not even a monologue. It’s a semi-non-fiction, semi-fiction.” “People still do [write fiction books], and good ones, but I don’t know why. It’s been done.” (via Rodcorp)

  2. - What I Learned in Art School (Is it Design Thinking?)

    A list of skills learned in art school that aren’t hands-on crafting skills. These are the best things about such places I think (via Purse Lip Square Jaw via Rodcorp)

  3. The Pmarca Guide to Career Planning, part 2: Skills and education

    Marc Andreesen’s interesting guide to what you should study at college if you’re Marc Andreesen. (via Rodcorp)

  4. YSlow for Firebug

    Not entirely sure about the A-F grading, but handy plug-in for measuring page loading times and weights. (via Rodcorp)

  5. The Morning News - Still Life

    Awesome photo of a shattering ceramic figure. (via Rodcorp)

  6. London Print Studio - courses

    Would love to do this if I found more hours in the day. Was thinking more of lino/wood cuts though. (via Rodcorp)

  7. Stuff

    Paul Graham on how much stuff we accumulate and suggestions on how to stop. (via Rodcorp)

  8. The Fate of the Artist - Alan Moore’s London

    Eddie Campbell on the photographic references he used to draw ‘From Hell’. (via Rodcorp)

  9. The Monumental Task of Warning Future Generations

    Because I’ve looked for stuff like this in the past (having heard about it years ago, offline) and never found it.

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