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Links tagged with “via:megp”

  1. Erwtenpeller - War of the Worlds - SoundCloud

    “A dubstep mix retelling Jeff Wayne’s musical version of war of the worlds, sampling the original narratives by Richard Burton, Phil Lynott and David Essex.” I keep wanting to hear Jeff Wayne’s music but this is very good. (via Meg)

  2. Who is this guy? Mystery man keeps appearing on live news reports |

    Quite fascinating. Although the correct reaction these days is probably “Is this an ARG?” (via @megpickard)

  3. Dave Gorman: When Twitter Gets Weird…

    On how offended some people apparently get if you don’t follow them back on Twitter. Craziness. (via Meg Pickard)

  4. TweetDumpr

    Exports all your Twitters to a CSV file. (via MegP)

  5. Chez pim: Pad Thai for beginners

    Sounds tasty and feasible. (via MegP)

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