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Links tagged with “via:drawn”

  1. Happy New Year by Electrabel - Fubiz™

    Stunning stop-frame animation advert done with thousands of candles. Watch it. (via Drawn!)

  2. Byroglyphics - news

    I love some of these paintings / illustrations. Well-drawn plus splattery! (via Drawn!)

  3. Stefan Glerum

    I’m liking this chap’s black and white illustrations so far. Dark and humorous. (via Drawn)

  4. Alexandre Day

    I like these drawings. Verge slightly on the too twee, with those winsome eyes, but I love the marks. (via Drawn!)

  5. Ironic Sans: The Other Art of Courtroom Sketch Artists

    What the people who do the drawings of court proceedings draw/paint when not in court. I like Patrick Flynn’s court work there. (via Drawn!)

  6. Melamed

    Some great illustrations by Victor Melamed. (via Drawn!)

  7. YouTube - Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing!

    Fun animated video for one of my favourite tunes of 2006 AND 2007. The animation bears no relation to the song, but still… (via Drawn!)

  8. David Hughes Illustration

    I loved his work when I was at college and he’s still going strong and has a new website. Excellent scratchy pen action. (via Drawn!)

  9. LAPL Virtual Photo: Far and Wide

    Wonderful collection of 1920s and 1930s travel posters advertising exotic destinations like California, Bermuda and North Wales. (Click the little ‘Next Page’ link, bottom right.) (via Drawn!)

  10. Martin Wittfooth

    Lovely surreal paintings and drawings. (via Drawn!)

  11. Saturday in the Park with Friends Painting Seurat on the Rock River - a photoset on Flickr

    Recreating a Seurat painting in real life. Lovely, although the positioning of people in the photo is pretty off. (via Drawn!)

  12. GUIdebook > Splashes

    It’s like TV Cream’s archive of 1970s TV idents, but for geeks. Photoshop 2.5, Quark 3… ahhhh. (via Drawn!)


    Some nice tutorials and ideas there. (via Drawn!)

  14. Mattias Adolfsson

    Wonderful, solid, sketchy drawings. Click the “Drawing” or “Sketch Books” links. Inspiring. (via Drawn!)

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