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  1. Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture | Quote Investigator

    Quite lengthy investigation of the elusive origins of that quote. (via @alanconnor)

  2. Origins of e-mail: My mea culpa - Omblog - The Washington Post

    A good apology but it’s surprising that they could publish something that wrong, twice. Yes, we *do* expect journalists to check everything; isn’t that why they’re better than mere bloggers (or so they tell us)? (via @alanconnor)

  3. The Battle of Mare Street «

    A decent report and photos by a style mag from the London riots, #1. (via @alanconnor)

  4. Stewart Lee: What I really think about Michael McIntyre : Features 2011 : Chortle : The UK Comedy Guide

    On, you know, all that stupid stuff. Very good. Also, it ends with a joke. (via Alan Connor)

  5. Nicky Wire on Lipstick Traces : The Thought Fox

    A new introduction by Nicky Wire to a new edition of Greil Marcus’s ‘Lipstick Traces’ which I owe another read. (via Alan Connor)

  6. Old maps of Southwark - Southwark Council

    Not just maps of Southwark, but good resolution PDFs of historical maps of London. Good. (via @alanconnor)

  7. CR Blog » Blog Archive » The Disappearing World of Soho’s Independent Record Shops

    I was on Berwick St the other day, but didn’t go down far enough to see the demolition opposite Somerfield. I so hope they hang on, but then I buy MP3s over CDs whenever I can, so… (via Alan Connor)

  8. David Cameron: More people engaged in local life means local politics revitalised

    Cameron wants more local government data published online in open formats for people to do stuff with. Cites (via Alan Connor)

  9. Tiny.swf

    The little analogue clock from the new BBC homepage, all BIG. (via Alan Connor)

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