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  1. LRB · Stephen Sedley · Plimsoll’s Story

    Some interesting bits about the development of laws and reforms in 19th century England.

  2. Topsify - Top 40 chart playlists for Spotify

    Exactly what I was after — I feel I should listen to the Top 40 once in a while and maybe this will help me do it. But the charts are in the “wrong” order, with number 1 first.

  3. LRB · Richard J. Evans · The Wonderfulness of Us

    I’m finding this discussion (the article and many letters below it) about how history should be taught in British schools interesting, although I’ve lost track of exactly who thinks what.

  4. One Click Orgs

    “Set up a simple, effective legal structure and voting system which can: help your group open a bank account; help your group hold property; keep the whole team involved in day-to-day decisions.” Very good. (via @frabcus via @benhammersley)

  5. Why “#StartUpBritain” is nothing more than a government backed link farm

    Good stuff about the embarrassing content-free coupon-fest that is Start Up Britain. (via @cityofsound)

  6. Potlatch: An open letter to the hipster

    Will Davies calling on hipsters to be more politically aware (to very crudely summarise). Reminds me a bit of Adam Curtis at The Story talking about how the stories we tell online ignore the political structure of the net. (via Tom Taylor)

  7. SamKnows - Telephone Exchange Search

    Handy thing that shows you lots of information about your nearest telephone exchange, and the broadband services, LLU operators, etc available.

  8. File:Bill of Mortality.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Grim government statistics for 1665. No pretty graphs.

  9. BBC - WW2 People’s War

    At least one of those BBC sites, a good one, threatened with deletion/archiving/whatever is already archived by the British Library here. I haven’t looked for others.

  10. The difference between the UK, Great Britain, and England [video] - Holy Kaw!

    A very good description of the differences, which was an education to me. I can never remember all of this stuff. (via @tomcoates)

  11. Barbican - Images | Jamie Smith

    Some nice photos of the Barbican by a student who’s doing a project on it. They’d be even nicer if they didn’t have a copyright statement stamped across their middles though.

  12. That Gormandizer Man: How London buses are numbered - TfL come up trumps!

    A lovely and interesting email from TfL. I love how historic numbers are maintained/adapted. It’s the kind of thing that has no direct benefit to a company’s profit, but it makes the world a better place.

  13. LRB · Vol. 33 No. 1 · 6 January 2011 · letters

    I must have missed the government’s embarrassment and apologies over its peaceful citizens being treated like this by the police in the student protests.

  14. LRB · David Runciman · Look…

    For this: “a new divide in British public life: between the people who say ‘Look…’ and the people who say ‘So…’”

  15. The battle of Towton: Nasty, brutish and not that short | The Economist

    Fascinating account of a War of the Roses battle from an excavated mass grave. I didn’t know men of the time weren’t much shorter than the average today (people shrank in the Victorian era). (via Kottke)

  16. A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain (

    Oh, that looks good doesn’t it. Fills a gap that I now realise was aching to be filled.

  17. LRB · Ross McKibbin · Nothing to do with the economy

    On the cuts. The bigger the cuts, the more it makes the economy seem in more trouble than it is, and this in turn makes the previous Labour government look more incompetent. Also, the Liberals as a friendly fig leaf hiding the Tories’ extreme ideas. Fuckers.

  18. LRB · Stefan Collini · Browne’s Gamble

    A good account of the inconsistencies of the Browne Report into the future of funding Britain’s higher education. Sounds like it’s written by people for whom education is simply a way of earning MOAR MONEY.

  19. Designswarm thoughts » Blog Archive » The politician’s handbook to East London

    Alex in very, very good form on the East London Tech City initiative. I have the same unease about equating small start-ups with providing good space and conditions for huge tech companies. Related, but different things and requirements. (via Blech)

  20. The government shouldn’t hang on Google’s every word | Charles Arthur | Comment is free |

    Yes, it’s good the government is making positive noises about technology, start-ups etc, but also, this. (Although, are you really surprised a government, especially Conservative, is taking policy advice from large companies?)

  21. K-punk: The Great Bullingdon Club Swindle

    Trying to find some optimism for the left from this almighty mess. (via @moleitau)

  22. Rejectamentalist manifesto

    China Mieville with questions addressed to a hypothetical Liberal Democrat voter who still believes in a progressive agenda. “So it has to be asked of you: WTF?”

  23. Movies, Downloads, Blu Ray, DVDs, Cinema & TV Listings | Find Any Film

    Alerts for when films you want to see appear in the formats you want. Good idea but ugly, confusing, unintuitive, Lottery-funded. Needs a slap with the Web 2.0 stick.

  24. 45cat - Vinyl Database - Records - Music Reviews - Discographies, Discoveries, Discussions

    Scans, credits, etc for (currently) 73,788 UK-released seven-inch singles. Blimey. (via @dorianfm)


    Lovely kind of cross-section of psycho-geographic-neighbourhoods or something. I’d love to see lots more of these. (via Tom Taylor)

  26. YouTube - BBC Town Planning Programme circa 1961

    Featuring the Barbican area, London Wall, etc. A shame the clip is so short. More, more!

  27. Full service digital marketing agency - 3Sixty

    Was trying to remember the name of this agency in Bristol a while ago. They mentioned me on Twitter and so I was reminded.

  28. OCA TAoP Assignment 3: Neighbourhood - a set on Flickr

    A set of lovely photos of Walton-on-the-Naze, better than the usual holiday snapshots that crop up there. Very British Seaside.

  29. BBC - About the BBC: BBC Genome: The Complete Broadcast History of the BBC

    Wonderful - the BBC is OCRing and making computer-readable, all the programme listings from the ‘Radio Times’ going back to 1922. (via @catfunt)

  30. If Britain decides to ban the burqa I might just start wearing one | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer

    All wonderfully, beautifully sensible. “It’s not bigoted to disagree vociferously with people’s choices, as long as you’re even more vociferous in defending their right to make them.”

  31. A Vision of Britain through Time | Your national on-line library for local history | Maps, Statistics, Travel Writing and more

    This is interesting. Seems to be a collection of historic texts and maps and data, all searchable by location. Some nicely done stuff.

  32. Jonathan Gems on the abolition of the UKFC - Pleased Sheep Forum

    All those “Save the UK Film Council” tweets from people who (like me) have no idea how the industry works really pissed me off. Here’s a different point of view.

  33. Connecting Historical Authorities with Links, Contexts and Entities

    “We want to help create an historic placename gazetteer for the UK, publish it as Linked Data and link it to other widely-used sources of placename reference information on the semantic web.”

  34. 3 bedroom house for sale in St Pauls, St Pauls, EC1A

    Finally, I didn’t know that Christopher Wren church tower on Newgate Street, near St Paul’s, was a house. Only £4.5 million to you!

  35. 4 bedroom house for sale in 41 Cloth Fair, London, EC1A, EC1A

    I’m also fascinated by this huge £5.5 million house on Cloth Fair, just south of Smithfield Market. So big! So expensive!

  36. How to be a beer historian in just 10 books « Zythophile

    Reading lists about really specific fields of knowledge by people who know their stuff are good. (via Chris Heathcote)

  37. The voices of liberty have triumphed and Britain is better for it | Henry Porter | Comment is free | The Observer

    I feel pleasantly confused about being relieved at the death of a Labour government and the repeal of some of their laws. (via Chrisdodo)

  38. Mr Brown Goes to the Palace « London Review Blog

    John Lanchester’s started posting daily about the general election (if you click his name, that page also has an RSS feed just for him).

  39. Vote for Policies - Vote for policies, not personalities!

    I should be mostly voting Green apparently, which doesn’t hugely surprise me.

  40. LRB · John Lanchester · The Great British Economy Disaster

    Another must-read. “This is a direct transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to the banks, and the only difference between it and an actual, physical licence to print money is that the banks don’t have a piece of paper with the words ‘Official Licence to Print Money’ written across the top.”

  41. | Bills before Parliament

    I haven’t noticed this before - a surprisingly simple and clear indication of the bills. Click one to see its progress in more detail. Not perfect, but much better than I expected.

  42. The day the music died - Vox

    Simon Wistow on the end of the UK bubble ten years ago.

  43. Jumblr - Unjumble your life.

    Nice map-based Freecycle-alike. Fun to browse. (via Crackunit)

  44. Britain’s “broken society”: Through a glass darkly | The Economist

    Good article on how many things that you’d think would define “broken Britain” have been improving. Britain’s better.

  45. Belgrave Cedar Shoe Tree

    Decent, relatively cheap shoe trees. Don’t look quite as smart as the photo in the flesh but seem to do the job.

  46. Express & Star

    “Britain’s biggest selling evening newspaper”, their website now powered by WordPress.

  47. Design 1968 Journal - VADS: the online resource for visual arts

    A favourable period review of Britannic House, since revamped as City Point.

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