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  1. London 2012: Danny Boyle’s story of Britain was a celebration of freedom | Shami Chakrabarti | Comment is free | The Guardian

    “Humility”, “democratic”, “optimistic”. Words Shami Chakrabsti uses in association with Danny Boyle, which also help explain the appeal of the Ceremony itself. (via Alex Balfour)

  2. Collective Joy « LRB blog

    Also on the opening ceremony: “It was love as sentiment, a nostalgic cry for what has been lost. And it is lost. There is no party of the left with a different attitude towards the economy, privatisation and cuts in benefits and the NHS.”

  3. Britain: this is for everyone - newsmary

    On the Olympic opening ceremony: “The opening, pastoral and construction scenes showed clear class delineations; the joyous riot of music and popular culture that grew from it showed disparate, distinct but equal individuals. There’s a vision of utopia there, and it is neither homogenous nor segregated.” (via Blech)

  4. Olympic Games opening ceremony: irreverent and idiosyncratic – a very British coup | Marina Hyde | Sport | The Guardian

    “I’m still reeling that a country that can put on a show that hilariously bonkers is allowed nuclear weapons.”

  5. Olympic opening ceremony a Labour party broadcast? Yup, that’s about right | Sport | The Guardian

    “This is it. This is Britain. Any idiot can industrialise. It takes a giant of a nation to make its healthcare provision free at point of need.” via @D_Nye_Griffiths

  6. The physical constraints of London’s streets | As Easy As Riding A Bike

    Countering the “London’s streets are two narrow for proper Dutch-style cycling lanes” idea with many, many photos of London’s wide main roads. (via Cyclists in the City)

  7. Another Studio - MONUmini Barbican Tower

    10cm tall stainless steel sheet model of a Barbican tower.

  8. Twitter / mattb: @philgyford those “estimat

    “@philgyford those “estimates” always upset me. I didn’t estimate, I wrote down the first 15 companies I could think of in half an hour.” Exactly.

  9. Demos | Publications - A Tale of Tech City

    Free download PDF of the report. Page 53 includes the “15 companies in 2008” meme as only one of several unreliable figures. (via @jwheare)

  10. Olympic Park legacy plan threatens Tech City growth, report warns | Business |

    “That compares with an estimated 15 companies as recently as 2008.” The Guardian trotting out that ridiculous stat yet again. Even the Demos report the article is about (but doesn’t link to) says that figure is only one of several unreliable ones.

  11. Disquiet about confidentiality clauses - Portas Pilots

    If having a TV celebrity manage the regeneration of a handfull of high streets didn’t sound like a dumb enough way of implementing government policy, it’s sounding like turning the process into a reality TV show — with all the secrecy, fakery and manufactured conflict that involves — is even worse. Also, #portaspilots on Twitter.

  12. Twitter / SeaContainers: The largest ever picture o

    100m wide photo of the royal family on the south bank of the Thames. As Londonist put it, “reminiscent of Pyongyang leader worship.” Horrific. Tag “jubilympics”. (via Londonist)

  13. CityDashboard: London

    Not the prettiest thing in the world, but really nice as a “state of a place” display.

  14. New Plan To Redevelop Centre Point

    Interesting in itself but also for the developer saying that in the long term, Centre Point will only be sustainable if turned into flats. Nice!

  15. Barbican Cinema’s Official Tumblog

    Documenting the creation of the new cinemas.

  16. List of windmills in London - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “A list of existing and former windmills whose sites fall within Greater London.” Lists 15 locations in Clerkenwell alone. Internet is brilliant.

  17. Olympics 2012: branding ‘police’ to protect sponsors’ exclusive rights | Sport | The Guardian

    If you were wavering over your opinion of them, every paragraph here takes you closer to thinking “fuck the London Olympic Games 2012.”

  18. Theresa May’s Internet History - a Freedom of Information request to Home Office - WhatDoTheyKnow

    Very good. If she’s done nothing wrong, she’s got nothing to hide, so there should be no problem, so they say. (via @gwire)

  19. Category:Cuts of beef - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Translating between the American and British names for cuts of beef. Almost entirely different.

  20. Olympics 2012 security: welcome to lockdown London | Stephen Graham | Sport | The Guardian

    I did think that maybe, as the games approached, I would forget any earlier grumpiness over the vast sums of money spent on two weeks of sport but, ah, no. It is nuts.

  21. Kettling 2.0: The Olympic State of Exception and TSG Action Figures | Games Monitor

    For the large bit on the portable steel cordons the UK police originally acquired for “Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear” situations and are now using to contain protestors. I’d be a bit shocked if I saw police in, say, a Middle Eastern country using these against peaceful protestors, and now…

  22. Simple Living in Suffolk

    Another UK-based early retirement type blog but, it seems, with very, very long posts.

  23. Monevator — Make more money, invest profitably, retire early

    A UK-based blog along the Early Retirement Extreme lines.

  24. British Debt History -

    UK natonal debt as a percentage of GDP since 1830. The current levels, justification for all these cuts, are nothing.

  25. Stoke-on-Trent Community News & Politics | Pits n Pots

    The “hyper-local” one(?) man news website that’s one of two projects to receive funding from Simon Kelner’s new Journalism Foundation.

  26. Print-Process / Artist - Melissa Price

    I imagine that if you did a lot of driving you might have some attachment to particular junctions. Even without that, I like these posters of junctions on the M1.

  27. Home | The British Newspaper Archive

    Looks very impressive - loads of scanned and searchable British newspapers from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. It costs to view the results though (from £6.95 for two days) so not for casual browsing.

  28. Trademark Introduction for Indies <

    Coincidentally timely brief guide to UK/EU trademarking. (via mildlydiverting)

  29. Freelance Rates Ascertaining Quotient, 2011 ~ @cole007

    A calculator based on the aforementioned survey, that suggests what rate you should maybe be charging. It suggest my rate is about OK.

  30. Freelance Rates Survey, 2011 | words from Cole Henley, @cole007

    Results from a smallish, self-selecting, but still worthwhile UK-based survey of the rates charged by web freelancers. (via mildlydiverting)

  31. The Sewing Forum

    “A UK based international forum for crafty people”.

  32. Delayed Gratification | The UK’s Quarterly Almanac | Last to breaking news

    Sounds brilliant: “a quarterly publication from The Slow Journalism Company. Each issue distils three months of the UK’s political, cultural, scientific and sporting life into a witty magazine of record.”

  33. City property deals benefit a developer linked to lord mayor | UK news | The Guardian

    Could it be that the Corporation of London is going to finally get some of the investigation and poking the shady, undemocratic institution deserves? That “path of progress” euphemism is horrible in itself.

  34. BBC - Adam Curtis Blog: The Curae of TINA

    blimey, just caught up with this, and it’s an incredible read. Hayek, Radio Caroline, Thatcher, Institute for Economic Affairs… so many things. I really wish the BBC would get a non-Flash video player though.

  35. Telegraph Pole Hieroglyphics | Hardware

    Interpreting the carvings and badges on telegraph poles.

  36. Porn blocking: what the big four ISPs are actually doing | Broadband | News | PC Pro

    A good description of what this “porn blocking” actually involves. The filtering actually happens through McAfee Family Protection, installed on the users’ Windows PCs. I wish newspapers, TV, etc were this accurate and less hand wavy. (via @ianbetteridge)

  37. The last days of a legendary gay venue | From the Guardian | The Guardian

    Awww, that’s a shame. Gay or not, First Out was a lovely little cafe. Progress, eh?

  38. James Meek · It’s already happened: The NHS Goes Private · LRB 22 September 2011

    Long, good, interesting, righteous-anger-inducing article about the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, and how the service compares to other options. I am struggling not to swear.

  39. The Army Rumour Service

    Next in my occasional series titled “I love good forums dedicated to particular careers.” This one’s about the British army. (via Soldier Systems)

  40. The Grim Threat to British Universities by Simon Head | The New York Review of Books

    A description of the business-derived practices now standard in UK universities, alluded to in the previously-linked LRB article, including the Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicators and Research Assessment Exercise.

  41. Stefan Collini · From Robbins to McKinsey: The Dismantling of the Universities · LRB 25 August 2011

    On the higher education White Paper: The gradual movement of responsibility for higher education within government towards business departments; the tortuous attempts to balance a free market and a command economy; the odd language (“the mission-statement present”, “the dogmatic future tense”); that studying something often isn’t wholly enjoyable; that choosing a university “cannot primarily be price-sensitive, adaptive, feedback-governed consumer behaviour”; the 1963 Robbins Report’s emphasis on intellectual inquiry rather than “meeting the needs of employers.”

  42. How can safety at advanced stop zones be improved for cyclists? | Jorren Knibbe | Environment |

    Interesting if you’re a little too obsessed with cars and cyclists who break the law at junctions. I hadn’t realised cars are allowed to stop in ASZs if they’re already there when the light turns red.

  43. Fleet street fox: 43 and never been spanked.

    Other people have made similar points, but it bears repeating over and over. That Gove and co can get away with stealing taxpayers’ money while normal people get months in prison for doing very little is obscene. (via @megpickard)

  44. The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom – Telegraph Blogs

    I’ve read lots of good things about the many causes of the riots. But I can’t help but think they all come back to this kind of thing. I am fucking angry. (via everyone)

  45. Hobbs of Barbican

    I never knew: Between 1930 and WWII the firm Hobbs of Barbican made bikes in the Barbican area of London, later moving to Dagenham.

  46. S.E.H Kelly — Clothes made in England and the British Isles

    Men’s clothes, made entirely from UK materials (including the buttons), based in Hackney, London. Although they all look too short for me.

  47. HIUT — Our Town is going to make jeans again

    “Cardigan is a small town of 4,000 good people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week. …our town is going to make jeans again. … Here goes.” Re-starting some British manufacturing.

  48. LRB · Howard Hotson · Don’t Look to the Ivy League

    A good account of why the US’s market-based university system (admired by Tories) harms the public system and isn’t as good as a first glance at league tables suggests.

  49. Welcome to

    A prototype version of a future comprehensive UK government website. So nice that you can’t believe it came from anywhere within government. Well done folks!

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