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  1. New Residential Tower For City Road Approved

    Blimey, that’s huge! The current half-built towers (on the left) already look oppressively tall for this spot.

  2. Scarfolk Council

    “Scarfolk is a town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979.” Very nicely done tone and artefacts. Hauntology as fictional blog kind of thing. (via @harikunzru)

  3. ‘Not believing in God makes life more precious’: meet the atheist ‘churchgoers’ | World news | The Guardian

    A few years ago I was wondering what an atheist Sunday “service” would be like. here we are.

  4. The stupid cookie law is dead at last | Silktide blog

    “History has shown us that whenever a law opposes the will of the people, it doesn’t tend to do much. It may have been illegal to tape songs off the radio, but there’s little appetite from police officers to cart schoolchildren off to prison for it. And so it is here.” (via @tomskitomski)

  5. The Last Places

    Henry VIII’s wine cellar, once part of Whitehall Palace, still exists under the Ministry of Defence. Although the entire cellar was moved, in one piece, when the MoD was being built. (via ?)

  6. Short Cuts (London Review of Books)

    Paul Myerscough on Pret a Manger. 91% of employees are immigrants. Social security as a subsidy to companies whose products would otherwise be too expensive for their non-social-security-receiving customers.

  7. Let’s Call it Failure (London Review of Books)

    John Lanchester on good, if depressing, form on the state of the UK economy and “austerity”.

  8. Barbican, 1969 - YouTube

    Documentary about the Barbican, including footage of the then nearly-completed buildings, and (at 15:40) a look inside one of the show flats.

  9. London Centre for Book Arts

    New, in Hackney, devoted to artists’ books. They do classes on printing, binding, etc. (via the Guardian)

  10. Makeshift // Catalogue // Pylons of Great Britain

    Paricularly for the spotter’s guide image of different pylon designs, and the construction diagrams. (via

  11. Ethical Funds - Ethical Fund Directory, Ethical Investment, Ethical Financial Advice

    Another list of UK ethical funds, rated by someone else’s criteria.

  12. Ethical investment: failing to keep up? | FairPensions

    A recent survey of ethical fund providers in the UK. (I’m scrabbling for anything to go on, because you’d have to spend weeks researching this stuff to actually have a real clue.)

  13. If I May Speak Procedurally, Sir: Building The British Countryside Generator | BIG ROBOT

    Lovely to read something like this about the British countryside rather than, say, futuristic cityscapes.

  14. I, Anna Trailer - YouTube

    Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne in a movie that seems largely set in the Barbican. Includes a scene in a lift with the blue “lift curtains” that are hung when someone’s moving in or out, to protect the lift. A nice cosy/claustrophobic touch.

  15. James Meek · How We Happened to Sell Off Our Electricity · LRB 13 September 2012

    Plenty of people linked to this at the time, but I forgot. Now I am. A good read on who now owns the UK’s power.

  16. Boris Johnson: brilliant, warm, funny – and totally unfit to be PM | Max Hastings | Comment is free | The Guardian

    I did like Hastings’ article on Johnson. Although it doesn’t exactly hold out hope for there being any better politicians either.

  17. Salary survey 2012

    A survey of “creative and marketing professionals” - basically all the roles in agencies, as far as I can tell. Both permanent and freelance.

  18. Not just shit but dangerous « Chris T-T

    This is angry but, yes, unfortunately I agree with pretty much of all of it. We should look at the closing ceremony as epitomising what the opening ceremony, and the brilliant subsequent two weeks, were encouraging us to move away from. (via @blaine)

  19. Is any of us fit to pick up the Olympic baton? | Snowblog

    “I am not alone in detecting a yearning to turn the extraordinary Olympic achievement into an engine for pulling together to deliver Olympic scale achievements with and for the wider Team GB, ourselves no less.” Easier said than done but, yes, this. (via @matlock)

  20. Warren Ellis » Closing

    On the Olympic closing ceremony. Exactly right.

  21. Underworld’s brief to ‘frighten people’ at the London 2012 opening ceremony | Music | The Guardian

    “The contrast between this summer’s two uber-spectaculars – the diamond jubilee concert and the Olympics opening ceremony – couldn’t be starker.” Yes, it felt like we’ve moved on from big events requiring 1980s musicians. (via Blech)

  22. London 2012: Danny Boyle’s story of Britain was a celebration of freedom | Shami Chakrabarti | Comment is free | The Guardian

    “Humility”, “democratic”, “optimistic”. Words Shami Chakrabsti uses in association with Danny Boyle, which also help explain the appeal of the Ceremony itself. (via Alex Balfour)

  23. Collective Joy « LRB blog

    Also on the opening ceremony: “It was love as sentiment, a nostalgic cry for what has been lost. And it is lost. There is no party of the left with a different attitude towards the economy, privatisation and cuts in benefits and the NHS.”

  24. Britain: this is for everyone - newsmary

    On the Olympic opening ceremony: “The opening, pastoral and construction scenes showed clear class delineations; the joyous riot of music and popular culture that grew from it showed disparate, distinct but equal individuals. There’s a vision of utopia there, and it is neither homogenous nor segregated.” (via Blech)

  25. Olympic Games opening ceremony: irreverent and idiosyncratic – a very British coup | Marina Hyde | Sport | The Guardian

    “I’m still reeling that a country that can put on a show that hilariously bonkers is allowed nuclear weapons.”

  26. Olympic opening ceremony a Labour party broadcast? Yup, that’s about right | Sport | The Guardian

    “This is it. This is Britain. Any idiot can industrialise. It takes a giant of a nation to make its healthcare provision free at point of need.” via @D_Nye_Griffiths

  27. The physical constraints of London’s streets | As Easy As Riding A Bike

    Countering the “London’s streets are two narrow for proper Dutch-style cycling lanes” idea with many, many photos of London’s wide main roads. (via Cyclists in the City)

  28. Another Studio - MONUmini Barbican Tower

    10cm tall stainless steel sheet model of a Barbican tower.

  29. Twitter / mattb: @philgyford those “estimat

    “@philgyford those “estimates” always upset me. I didn’t estimate, I wrote down the first 15 companies I could think of in half an hour.” Exactly.

  30. Demos | Publications - A Tale of Tech City

    Free download PDF of the report. Page 53 includes the “15 companies in 2008” meme as only one of several unreliable figures. (via @jwheare)

  31. Olympic Park legacy plan threatens Tech City growth, report warns | Business |

    “That compares with an estimated 15 companies as recently as 2008.” The Guardian trotting out that ridiculous stat yet again. Even the Demos report the article is about (but doesn’t link to) says that figure is only one of several unreliable ones.

  32. Disquiet about confidentiality clauses - Portas Pilots

    If having a TV celebrity manage the regeneration of a handfull of high streets didn’t sound like a dumb enough way of implementing government policy, it’s sounding like turning the process into a reality TV show — with all the secrecy, fakery and manufactured conflict that involves — is even worse. Also, #portaspilots on Twitter.

  33. Twitter / SeaContainers: The largest ever picture o

    100m wide photo of the royal family on the south bank of the Thames. As Londonist put it, “reminiscent of Pyongyang leader worship.” Horrific. Tag “jubilympics”. (via Londonist)

  34. CityDashboard: London

    Not the prettiest thing in the world, but really nice as a “state of a place” display.

  35. New Plan To Redevelop Centre Point

    Interesting in itself but also for the developer saying that in the long term, Centre Point will only be sustainable if turned into flats. Nice!

  36. Barbican Cinema’s Official Tumblog

    Documenting the creation of the new cinemas.

  37. List of windmills in London - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “A list of existing and former windmills whose sites fall within Greater London.” Lists 15 locations in Clerkenwell alone. Internet is brilliant.

  38. Olympics 2012: branding ‘police’ to protect sponsors’ exclusive rights | Sport | The Guardian

    If you were wavering over your opinion of them, every paragraph here takes you closer to thinking “fuck the London Olympic Games 2012.”

  39. Theresa May’s Internet History - a Freedom of Information request to Home Office - WhatDoTheyKnow

    Very good. If she’s done nothing wrong, she’s got nothing to hide, so there should be no problem, so they say. (via @gwire)

  40. Category:Cuts of beef - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Translating between the American and British names for cuts of beef. Almost entirely different.

  41. Olympics 2012 security: welcome to lockdown London | Stephen Graham | Sport | The Guardian

    I did think that maybe, as the games approached, I would forget any earlier grumpiness over the vast sums of money spent on two weeks of sport but, ah, no. It is nuts.

  42. Kettling 2.0: The Olympic State of Exception and TSG Action Figures | Games Monitor

    For the large bit on the portable steel cordons the UK police originally acquired for “Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear” situations and are now using to contain protestors. I’d be a bit shocked if I saw police in, say, a Middle Eastern country using these against peaceful protestors, and now…

  43. Simple Living in Suffolk

    Another UK-based early retirement type blog but, it seems, with very, very long posts.

  44. Monevator — Make more money, invest profitably, retire early

    A UK-based blog along the Early Retirement Extreme lines.

  45. British Debt History -

    UK natonal debt as a percentage of GDP since 1830. The current levels, justification for all these cuts, are nothing.

  46. Stoke-on-Trent Community News & Politics | Pits n Pots

    The “hyper-local” one(?) man news website that’s one of two projects to receive funding from Simon Kelner’s new Journalism Foundation.

  47. Print-Process / Artist - Melissa Price

    I imagine that if you did a lot of driving you might have some attachment to particular junctions. Even without that, I like these posters of junctions on the M1.

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