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Links tagged with “scotland”

  1. The Early Days of a Better Nation

    Mainly for Régis Debray’s gloomy description of May 1968, written in 1979: “We had to imagine ourselves as Chinese, in order to become Californians.”

  2. ESK Cashmere

    Nice, simple, Scottish-made, not cheap jumpers etc. It’s only a matter of time before every ‘About’ page is renamed ‘Story’ isn’t it. (via Die, Workwear)

  3. Twitter - @PennyRed - “So where’s good to live in Scotland?…”

    “…I require: weird friendly people, goths, lefties, bookshops, coffee, not too much sun, internet.” Answers are mostly “Edinburgh” or “Glasgow”.

  4. John Lewis Partnership - First Openings for Waitrose in Scotland

    Our local Somerfield (ex-Morrisons, ex-Safeway) is to change again, in June, into a Waitrose. Much rejoicing among Barbican residents who have clamoured for more middle-class groceries for an amusingly long time.

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