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Links tagged with “revolution”

  1. Jean-Luc Godard in the USA | Sight & Sound

    I don’t know much about Godard but enjoyed this article from 1968 about him, America and revolution. “A film is a theoretical rifle and a rifle a practical film.”

  2. Slavoj Žižek · Trouble in Paradise: The Global Protest · LRB 18 July 2013

    “To demand consistency at strategically selected points where the system cannot afford to be consistent is to put pressure on the entire system.”

  3. Albert Einstein Institution - Publications - 005 From Dictatorship to Democracy

    Full PDF text of this 1993 book by Gene Sharp, who was interviewed on ‘Today’ this morning. It’s apparently been cited by some of those in the current revolutions.

  4. “Revolutions and State Collapse”

    I love this Listmania list, especially the first part of it with comments. Saw it ages ago but didn’t save it at the time.

  5. Books Search Results: Charles Tilly

    Tilly has written some interesting sounding books about social movements, revolutions, collective violence, etc.

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