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Links tagged with “property”

  1. Manor Houses + | Manor Houses, Mansions & Stately Homes for sale

    Just because I like blogs that focus on one narrow field of property for sale.

  2. Grand Designs For Sale | Buildings From Kevin McCloud’s Iconic Television Series

    By the Unique Property Bulletin people, keeping track of which Grand Designs have sold, and when.

  3. Unique Property Bulletin | Unique Property For Unique People

    Lots of amazing property for sale in the UK… islands, forts, windmills, water towers, manor houses, etc.

  4. How to use Land Registry data to explore land ownership near you | Anna’s blog

    Nice clear description of two ways to view basic Land Registry data about an area. A shame it even takes this much work. And the Ordnance Survey stuff is so locked down. And Land Registry data lookups cost £3.

  5. - Featured Collections

    Sure I’ve said this before, but I hope Rightmove, Zoopla, and/or estate agents are archiving photos. It’d be an amazing resource for historians.

  6. The Round House Frinton-on-Sea, Essex | The Modern House

    Of all Frinton’s Art Deco houses, this is the one whose floor is a mosaic map of the estate.

  7. Private Eye | Official Site - Selling England by the offshore pound

    Map of the UK showing individual freehold and leasehold properties registered by offshore companies between 2005 and July 20014. Great stuff. And nice to see the Eye doing this kind of thing. (via @genmon)

  8. London’s Great Exodus

    Seen lots of links to this today. Rather depressing, if you want London to be somewhere you and your friends can afford to live. “The city is essentially a tax haven with great theater, free museums and formidable dining.”

  9. WowHaus

    A blog of modernist etc houses for sale in the UK (see also ‘Modernist Estates’ for the apartment equivalent).

  10. Modernist Estates

    A blog collecting modernist homes in the UK that are for sale. Nice stuff.

  11. Cash in the attic: short-term home letting | Life and style | The Guardian

    Couple appear in national newspaper showing off their Barbican flat which they let out to strangers, against the terms of their lease. What fun.

  12. Twist in the sale as Whitecross Street shops go for £3.5m | Islington Tribune

    Those derelict shops/flats on Whitecross Street have been sold at auction.

  13. Finsbury market trader wins battle to stop flats and shops grab | Islington Tribune

    From a couple of months ago about the derelict shops on Whitecross Street that are now up for auction for £3 million.

  14. 3 bedroom house for sale in St Pauls, St Pauls, EC1A

    Finally, I didn’t know that Christopher Wren church tower on Newgate Street, near St Paul’s, was a house. Only £4.5 million to you!

  15. 4 bedroom house for sale in 41 Cloth Fair, London, EC1A, EC1A

    I’m also fascinated by this huge £5.5 million house on Cloth Fair, just south of Smithfield Market. So big! So expensive!

  16. Commercial property for sale in 141-157 Whitecross Street, London, EC1Y 8JL, EC1Y

    Those derelict shops on Whitecross Street are up for auction, which sounds good. “Only” £3 million…

  17. Property search engine for homes for sale & property to rent in the UK - Globrix

    Not a bad interface for property searches. Bookmarking because I like window shopping (or being nosey) and I’ll forget the meaningless URL.

  18. House Prices (actual prices paid) in England, Scotland and Wales-

    Find out how much individual properties sold for a few months ago, for a pound per property.

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