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Bookmarks tagged with “php”

  1. The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Rails for PHP Developers

    Sounds ideal for when I eventually get round to Ruby on Rails. (via Haddock)

  2. Chyrp

    Simple-looking, open-source, decently-featured PHP/MySQL-based weblog engine with built-in support for different kinds of Tumblr-like posts. (via Daring Fireball)

  3. Adactio: Journal — Hacky holidays on OS X

    How to set up virtual hosts, PHP5 and MySQL on Leopard, for when I upgrade soonish.

  4. A MySQL Abstraction Class For PHP

    Sounds lovely, and probably better than the one of my own I’ve been using in various places for years. (via Infovore)

  5. Cruciforum: crucially simple

    A very simple discussion forum that involves uploading a single file to your website. (via Simon Willison again)

  6. Living-e AG: MAMP - Mac - Apache - MySQL - PHP

    One-click install of Apache, MySQL, PHP for running sites locally on your Mac without all the httpd.conf etc malarkey.

  7. Zf-twitter - Google Code

    Tim’s PHP class for reading Twitter data. Uses the Zend Framework.

  8. SimpleXML processing with PHP

    Nice clear explanation and examples (for PHP5). Will be handy sometime I’m sure. If only it was as simple in PHP4. (via Daring Fireball)

  9. MT Hacks FastSearch

    PHP-based replacement for Movable Type’s generally inadequate in-built search tool.

  10. AMK design | Last 10 tracks on your website

    Simple but good PHP code for putting your recent tracks on your site. Inspired me to rewrite all my stupidly over-engineered code for along the same lines. (via Kottke)

  11. Smarty Gettext

    This *seems* like the best of many cobbled-together ways to do language localisation with PHP and Smarty, but I haven’t tried it yet. Any other suggestions…?

  12. “No input file specified” |

    How to generate 404s when using PHP as a CGI binary. Bodgy, but better than the default.

  13. dBug

    Very handy PHP class for displaying easily comprehensible variable information. Has no doubt been referred to as “var_dump on steroids” by someone. (via Tim/twisty)

  14. PHP5 Exception Use Guidelines

    Trying to get my head round using Exceptions.

  15. Ludoo » PHP 101 - PEAR error handling

    Trying to get my head round using Exceptions.

  16. Notes on PEAR_Exception - phly, boy, phly

    Trying to get my head round using Exceptions.

  17. EZPDO » Comments on “Cross the Divide, Object Persistence in PHP”

    Response to some of the criticisms in the previous review.

  18. Crossing the Divide: Object Persistence in PHP by Theo Spears (PDF)

    Review of DB_DataObject, Propel and EZPDO. I’ve been using the first, but the last sounds tempting for PHP 5.

  19. Monket Calendar - Wiki -

    Lovely PHPy and Ajaxy calendar interface. Mmmm, the web’s getting nice.

  20. The Linux Consultancy - Technical Information

    Two wonderfully clear tutorials on PEAR’s HTML_QuickForm and Smarty (PHP stuff).

  21. - publish - PHP : Searching with PHP and MySQL

    If only all code examples were explained as well (and appeared so solid) as Cal’s.

  22. Application Development: Install PEAR on a shared Web host

    This’ll be remarkably useful, assuming it works.

  23. Discussion Forums :: View topic - Some notes how to get PEAR working

    Previous solution threw errors when I tried to install packages… get the version of PHP and use these instructions to get PEAR working.

  24. RFC: PHP’s PEAR Broken in 10.3?

    How to get PEAR to work in Mac OS X. Easy when you know how.

  25. Flickr and PHP by Cal Henderson (PDF)

    Interesting presentation… only wish I could see Cal present it.

  26. Magpie RSS - PHP RSS Parser

    I’ll need this at some point I’m sure.

  27. Steve Minutillo :: messy-78

    Forcing PHP to properly handle XML in different encodings. I’m bound to need this at some point.

  28. phpSniff

    Comprehensive PHP-based browser / platform / etc. detector.

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