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Links tagged with “photoshop”

  1. The Online Photographer: LR Replacement Photo Editing Software

    Lots and lots of thoughtful comments discussing replacements for Lightroom. The closest to a consensus might be Capture One, with Affinity Photo as a Photoshop replacement.

  2. The Online Photographer: How To Improve Digital Print Tonality

    Simple tip for improving tonal separation: “Pull up Unsharp Masking. Set the Amount for somewhere between 8 and 15% (depending on taste, subject, and printer). Set the Radius for around 60 pixels. Set the Threshold to 0.”

  3. Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog » An Analysis of Lightroom JPEG Export Quality Settings

    Even if you’re not directly interested in Lightroom, it’s interesting to look at the many examples here to see how different levels of JPEG compression affect quality/file size.

  4. Flickr: HDR

    Some lovely photos using the High Dynamic Range merging image feature thing in Photoshop CS2.

  5. How to make web buttons in Adobe Photoshop

    Cheesy, but first page is handy and quick.

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