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Bookmarks tagged with “philgyford”

  1. Ning | Developer : Home

    New site that makes it easy to create your own social software apps, from the secretive 24 Hour Laundry. (I did most of the HTML/CSS.)

  2. Open Tech 2005 - a photoset on Flickr

    Lovely medium-format photos of geeks by Matt Locke. Includes me, but my favourites are: Coates, Hammond, Nelson, Webb.

  3. Free People Search - Gyford

    Apparently I still live in Houston and I was born in 1946. A bit scary this kind of thing…

  4. The Number One Songs In Heaven: Boogie Friday

    God, I love it when that happens (see my comment). Happy happy.

  5. Battered footballer on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    There’s a game in here somewhere… Flickr snap!

  6. Flickr: FlickrCentral - Flickr mentioned on bbc website

    Some Flickr users get unnecessarily worked up over Tom’s quote in the article I wrote for BBC News.

  7. BBC NEWS | Magazine | I’ll show you mine…

    I wrote an article about Flickr for the BBC News ‘Magazine’. More later, no time now.

  8. City Lit, Ways into text 1, the centre for adult learning

    Currently the most thrilling, satisfying and emotional three hours of my week.

  9. Essex History | Metafilter

    My almost-ten-years-old Domesday Witham site got Metafiltered.


    My new ‘top’ tag for all the links that might conceivably be of interest to other people, ignoring the dull stuff bookmarked for me.

  11. adaptive path

    Peter Merholz ponders how to make user-added keywords (or

  12. Subterranea Britannica: Sites: Bishopsgate Goods Station (Goodsyard)

    Interesting report on the history and future of the location, and it uses one of my photos (on the fourth page).

  13. Sparkly Trainers | The travels of Mary Loosemore: We’re in!

    I’m still stressed. It’ll probably fade soon. Can’t believe we’re there.

  14. Which? - Expert advice from an independent source

    Brand new Which? site - I did some of the HTML/CSS. It looks nice.

  15. Phil Gyford on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Sorry, another photo of me at Matt and Fiona’s wedding, but I love this dark one.

  16. Brochure for my 1 bed flat in Hackney (PDF)

    Want to buy a flat in a cool art deco building? More details to follow shortly.

  17. Guardian Unlimited | Online | Man of the moment

    A nice feature about me, me, me in the Guardian today. In the web version you miss out on the surprisingly vast photo.

  18. Microsoft TerraServer - University Forest Apartments, Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX

    I didn’t realise quite how close those aerial photos got. Slightly spooky. I used to live in the right-most block.

  19. I’ve been MetaFiltered

    The MeFi comments simply re-hash the discussion on the page they link to.

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