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Links tagged with “pedways”

  1. Walkways in the sky: the return of London’s forgotten ‘pedways’ | Cities | The Guardian

    Oliver Wainwright on the City of London’s highwalks. Some nice old photos.

  2. The Pedway: Elevating London

    I had some problems with this (eg, the commentators all have the same opinion, the shots of today’s walkways make them look more derelict and deserted than they are) but it’s still well worth a watch.

  3. Barbican - Urban Wandering – Film and the London Landscape

    Loads of interesting London-related films at the Barbican in September. Includes a new film about the pedways/highwalks! (via @antimega)

  4. London’s first aerial walkways | News | Property news | Homes & Property

    I’m assuming it’s just the Standard’s subeditor who thinks these are the “first aerial walkways” in London, rather than architecture writer Ruth Bloomfield. That would be silly… 

  5. The Sweeney Forum • View topic - London Wall

    Stills from films/shows like ‘Blow Up’, ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘The Return of the Saint’ featuring London Wall and Barbican highwalks, compared with photos from 2010.

  6. Taking a walk in the clouds - Times Online

    An article from 2004 by Bob Stanley on London’s raised pedestrian walkways. (via Blech)

  7. The City Of London Highwalks.

    Paul Mison’s starting some writing about the raised pedestrian walkways in the City of London. Good stuff.

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