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Links tagged with “paulford”

  1. God Did the World a Favor by Destroying Twitter | WIRED

    Paul Ford on Twitter and Mastodon. “The Fediverse apps are all built on a set of rules called the ActivityPub standard, which is a little like HTML had sex with a calendar invite. It’s a content polycule.”

  2. I Miss Staging — Postlight — Digital product studio

    “We are six months old and we have more media platforms than we have employees.” Lots of good stuff about this stupid (my view) multi-platform world. (via Infovore)

  3. @20 (

    Paul Ford on his website being 20-ish. Lovely, every word. “The things I want to do are strange, simple, and unprofitable.” Hello. (via @jah)

  4. Paul Ford on HTML5 and the World of Web Standards Bodies

    Nice description of how standards like HTML5 come to be, and why it’s important. (via Daring Fireball)

  5. The American Room — The Message — Medium

    Paul Ford on the rooms in (American) straight-to-camera, self-filmed YouTube videos and much more, very good. (via Kottke)

  6. Exquisite Tweets from @ftrain, @thelancearthur

    Lovely little improvised text adventure. (via @blech)

  7. Paul Ford on interacting with his archived self

    On what it’s like to search his archive of email since 1995, and what he may or may not have been like then. (via Waxy)

  8. The Web Is a Customer Service Medium (

    “The web is not, despite the desires of so many, a publishing medium. The web is a customer service medium. ‘Intense moderation’ in a customer service medium is what ‘editing’ was for publishing. … Turn your readers into members. Not visitors, not subscribers; you want members.”

  9. Real Editors Ship (

    Good bit about the value of editors for online stuff. In my (sporadic) experience, old media are much, much more rigorous and able to Make (predictable, repetitive) Things Work than new media.

  10. Launch (

    Paul Ford, excellent on the inevitable public responses to a site launch and one’s reaction to them.

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