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Links tagged with “palettes”

  1. iWantHue

    Another colour palette-generating thing. Looks nice, although I did seem to keep getting palettes containing two or more very similar shades. (via Migurski)

  2. Solarized - Ethan Schoonover

    I don’t often think “ooh, that’s a nice colour palette.” Sixteen colours “for use with terminal and gui applications”, lots of thought behind it, and lots of implementations. (via Tecznotes)

  3. ColorBrewer Intro - Selecting Good Color Schemes for Maps

    Handy tool for making color ranges for use on maps, via that Oakland Crimespotting heat maps post.

  4. ColourLovers Coup.0 :: Colour Lovers

    Odd but interesting and useful site for sharing colour palettes, marred only by over-busy design and annoying Flash. (via Haddock)

  5. ColorMatch 5K :: the original

    complicated colour scheme generator (crashed my browser once though)

  6. Color Blender

    Eric Meyer’s nifty colour blender

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