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Links tagged with “openuniversity”

  1. The End of the Open University As We Know It « The Thought Stash

    Ugh, the OU is increasing its course fees by around 3.5 times. I only studied with them for a term but would have considered it again. Much. much less sure about that now. (via Preoccupations)

  2. Realistic to start MST121 from GCSE Maths?! - The Student Room

    “I haven’t touched Maths since GCSE (i’m now 34)…” A question and some answers about the OU’s maths courses.

  3. Mathematics | Undergraduate Courses, Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and Qualifications - Open University

    The OU have a fairly flexible set of courses. Also, more helpful and flexible about choosing what level to start at.

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