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Links tagged with “nostalgia”

  1. UK Rave YouTube Comments (@UKRaveComments) / Twitter

    These are lovely. (via Imperica Web Curios)

  2. Once Upon - today and tomorrow

    Lovely reworking of Google+, YouTube and Facebook in the style of the 1997 web. I am always going to love the various looks of the 1990s web. (via Waxy)

  3. Hauntological Futures |

    The first of seven posts, which I’m looking forward to. I often find myself agonising over related things: a nostalgia for past futures at the expense of… well, whatever I might otherwise think about the future.

  4. The City Of London Highwalks.

    Paul Mison’s starting some writing about the raised pedestrian walkways in the City of London. Good stuff.

  5. Analog audio tape cassette nostalgia -

    Pictures of tapes. There used to be a huge Japanese page that had all the pictures on one page, but that’s gone and this is more convenient. How quaint. (via City of Sound)

  6. GUIdebook > Splashes

    It’s like TV Cream’s archive of 1970s TV idents, but for geeks. Photoshop 2.5, Quark 3… ahhhh. (via Drawn!)

  7. Guardian Unlimited | The Guide | Jacques Peretti: History in the remaking

    The commodification of our childhood memories. “Once they start making programmes about your youth, you may as well kill yourself with a spiked ball, preferably while wearing rollerskates.”

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