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Links tagged with “nodejs”

  1. DataFire - Build APIs and Integrations to process, serve, and sync your data

    Interesting way to integrate *lots* of things. The Node-based code is open source so you can run it for free on your own server, or use the pay-for hosted version. (via @richardjpope)

  2. Karma

    “Test Runner for JavaScript”. (via @yoz)

  3. Mocha

    “A feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node.js and the browser”. (via @yoz)

  4. Ender

    “Ender is a full featured package manager for your browser. It allows you to search, install, manage, and compile front-end javascript packages and their dependencies for the web.” Requires node.js and NPM (via Tom Carden commenting on Mike Migurski’s site)

  5. Brikis98/lilac - GitHub

    “This project shows an example of how to use node.js to: Share backbone.js models between server and client; Share dust templates between server and client; Split up rendering between server and client.” (via LinkedIn Engineering)

  6. The Node Beginner Book » A comprehensive Node.js tutorial

    A nice walk-through of basic Node.js stuff for a beginner like me.

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