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Links tagged with “nhs”

  1. The Daily Mail, And How An NHS Death Means… Racism Is Fine? - Botherer

    The Daily Mail is the kind of dangerous thing that needs exposing, protesting against, fighting. Horrible. (via @D_Nye_Griffiths)

  2. Olympic opening ceremony a Labour party broadcast? Yup, that’s about right | Sport | The Guardian

    “This is it. This is Britain. Any idiot can industrialise. It takes a giant of a nation to make its healthcare provision free at point of need.” via @D_Nye_Griffiths

  3. James Meek · It’s already happened: The NHS Goes Private · LRB 22 September 2011

    Long, good, interesting, righteous-anger-inducing article about the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, and how the service compares to other options. I am struggling not to swear.

  4. YouTube - NHS - Marr’s Modern Britain

    Andrew Marr on the introduction of the wonderful NHS.

  5. Joining the register

    Sign yourself up to the (UK) organ donor register now. Very simple and easy. (via Richard Herring)

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