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  1. Article Skimmer

    NY Time’s prototype news viewer. Nice idea but it equalises the importance of all but one of the stories. I want a newspaper to tell me what it thinks is important (even if it’s wrong). Otherwise it’s not a newspaper, it’s a database.

  2. Friday’s Newspaper Front Pages | UK News | Sky News

    Gallery of (some) UK newspapers, with permalink to the day. (For current day go to UK News, then see link under ‘UK News in Pictures’ on right.

  3. - Newspapers From Around the World

    Browsable versions of newspapers from around the world (click country links in left column). Costs money to see much though.

  4. BBC News | England | London | Smithfield market plans refused

    A couple of weeks old. Phew. I’m not against redevelopment if it’s not going to be more glass offices and same-old shops.

  5. Twitter / novelsin3lines

    I’m very much enjoying the 1906 French news summaries by Félix Fénéon (and not just because I wrote it up as an idea myself a while back). Lovely writing.

  6. Hong Kong’s Most Disturbing CG Illustrations « WITMOT?

    Hong Kong’s ‘Apple Daily’ makes computer images for news stories when there are no photos. Hilarious, especially if you scroll down to Morgan Freeman. (via Ted Mills)

  7. “You Don’t Understand Our Audience” by John Hockenberry

    “…a series of lessons I learned about how television news had lost its most basic journalistic instincts in its search for the audience-driven sweet spot, the ‘emotional center’ of the American people.” (via Oblinks)


    Like my but more comprehensive (yay) but only for UK newspapers (aww) and with higher ideals (yay).

  9. Crooked Timber » » Globollocks Watch

    I like the “objective” scoring of articles. I want to do something similar to calculate genuine “newsworthiness”… +1 per person killed, +1 per million dollars stolen, etc. (via Nick Sweeney)

  10. BBC News | Grammatical Triumphs

    Needs more frequent updating, but otherwise splendid.

  11. > English Version

    Crane industry news and discussion. (via Monocle)

  12. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Musical copyright terms ‘to stay’

    Yay. Is making money off your work fifty years after you did it not good enough!?

  13. Indie-Film Star ‘Suicide’ Stunner By Philip Messing, Mark Bulliet and Dan Mangan - New York Post Online Edition: Seven

    Hell. Adrienne Shelly, who starred in Hal Hartley’s ‘The Unbelievable Truth’ and ‘Trust’ (two of my favourite films) has “apparently” committed suicide. I was always surprised she wasn’t in more films.

  14. BBC News | Technology | Sony admits to buying grey goods

    This kind of thing makes me angry. Companies are dead set against regulation until they need it. “We’d like a free market please, but only when it suits us.”

  15. BBC News | Entertainment | Cult poet Ivor Cutler dies at 83

    I missed this earlier in the week. I’m glad we went to see him a couple of years back, although I feared I wouldn’t see him again. Bye bye Ivor.

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