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  1. Stone Cold Pimpin’: Petracovich - The New Video

    My friend Ted’s made a lovely music video for Petracovich’s dreamy track ‘Others’.

  2. Eclectech : the very model of a modern labour minister : a tribute to charles clarke and his id cards

    Wonderful. The only thing that would make this better was if it was released and got to Number 1…

  3. - 44 - Ukelele player

    Just neatly competent at first. But after a while his hand speeds up until you can’t see it any more.

  4. BBC - Radio 3 - Beethoven Experience - downloads

    So close. Otherwise fab idea greatly marred by not splitting MP3s into movements and including the announcer’s long introduction! Doh.

  5. The Tofu Hut - Monday, May 09, 2005

    Huge categorised list of MP3 blogs and other sites with free MP3s.

  6. The Number One Songs In Heaven: Boogie Friday

    God, I love it when that happens (see my comment). Happy happy.

  7. Teenage Kicks 3000

    More Peel sesssions. I must have been dozing to miss these.

  8. Right place, right time, wrong speed - The Peel Tapes

    MP3s of John Peel shows, sessions, interviews, etc.

  9. - The Singing Dictionary

    First saw this four years ago, but don’t remember it, and it’s awesome.

  10. Soul sides: Revolutionary Mixtape - A M.A.N. Contribution

    Awesome. I want more themed MP3 blog posts collecting definitive(ish) tracks from ever narrower movements, scenes, ideas, etc.

  11. Sundays in spring: echoes for the sensitive heart

    They have a bunch of quiet, indie, free MP3s, often Creative Commons’d. Good if you miss Sarah Records.

  12. CBC RADIO 3 / 3.11 / NOV 19 - 25, 2004

    Interesting Flash web-magazine, but ultimately frustrating (and but with The Arcade Fire).

  13. BBC - Radio 4 - Arthur Miller: The Accidental Music Collector

    Miller on the time he spent in 1941 recording voices and songs in North Carolina for the Library of Congress (show includes some recordings).

  14. SunKilMoon

    I’m so out of touch - I didn’t know Mark “Red House Painters” Kozelek had a new band. Joy.

  15. DJ History: Archive Interviews - Ian Levine

    Remembrances of Northern/Modern Soul in the 1970s.

  16. Internet Archive: Live Music Archive

    I had no idea had bootlegs of gigs (I came across it via a Mountain Goats recording in there).

  17. - The Traders Database

    Looking beyond the swamp of Phish and Grateful Dead, this looks interesting - trading recordings of live music.

  18. Pas/Cal’s cover of Last Christmas

    A jolly picture and a free MP3. Merry Christmas!

  19. BBC Radio Player

    Direct link to the pop-up.

  20. The Suburbs Are Killing Us

    Brilliant MP3 blog but no RSS/Atom feed.

  21. Peel sessions: band index

    Index of Peel Sessions, 1992-2002.

  22. Freewheel Records - Sounds

    Complete albums in MP3 for free.

  23. The How and the Tao of Folk Guitar free online edition

    Creative Commons licensed free book on how to play the guitar. It may be time to finally buy a printer…

  24. MacNETv2 - The Music Man ‽ King Of The Pirates Has A Goal ‽ Own It All!

    Interview with a man who’s downloaded 900,000 tunes to save them for posterity, and kind of echoes my view of

  25. Copy, Right?

    MP3 blog devoted to cover versions. Don’t know why no one did it before!

  26. BBC - BBC Four Music - Gillian Welch Session

    Tonight or tomorrow… if her recentish show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire was anything to go by, this should be awesome.

  27. Folksongs of America: The Gordon Collection: American Folklife Center

    MP3s of music recorded onto wax cylinders in the 1920s with lyrics and extensive liner notes.

  28. Ninja Tune free music downloads, free video downloads

    A big bunch of tunes by Ninja Tunes folk for free download (MP3, Real and Windows Media).

  29. Collage - An iTunes Visual Plugin

    Displays images off of the Internet depending on the currently playing tune. Best when the images are apparently unrelated, like a no-budget interpretive video.

  30. Guardian Unlimited | Arts reviews | Gillian Welch/David Rawlings

    This was, I think, one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve been to. Rawlings’ guitar playing was even more awesome than the rest of the show, which is saying something.

  31. Soul Sides

    Soul Sides has started posting


    Identifiying the source of that familiar ‘riddim’. Now, is there something similar for samples?

  33. Mountain Goats sessions MP3s

    If you only try one go for ‘Dance Music’ or ‘Your Belgian Things’.

  34. Soul Sides - So you want to start an audioblog…

    Tips for new MP3 bloggers. Nothing extraordinary, but good common sense.

  35. MP3Blogs Aggregator

    Quite handy, although I currently prefer sticking with a few blogs whose tastes I’m liking.

  36. 365 Days Project

    Awesome collection of 365 very strange MP3s. All together now:

  37. Nickelback vs Nickelback

    Are they by any chance related?

  38. Cityofsound: The Black Rider

    Went to see this last night: excellent. A bit like ‘Shock-headed Peter’ but harder to understand.

  39. The War Against Silence reviews the two most recent Mountain Goats albums

    Really, every time I hear the Mountain Goats I smile, I feel like crying, and paranoia sets in. It doesn’t get better.

  40. MP3 blogs: defining fair use

    Includes a list of links to weblogs that post MP3s for download.

  41. BBC Radio 3 - Building a Jazz Library

    Not as good as the NPR one, and oddly focuses on individual tracks, rather than albums.

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