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Links tagged with “music”

  1. The new 7digital

    MP3s from EMI, cheaper than those from iTunes Music Store. (via Boing Boing)

  2. - Download Music from MySpace

    Creates links to mp3s of songs in a MySpace page’s music player. Try, for example, ‘georgepringle’.

  3. YouTube - The Wrong Trousers

    Wonderful busking cover of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by teenage San Diegan buskers, including a harp. (via Said the Gramophone)

  4. Charts - Rate Your Music

    Amazing collection of album and single cover images, apparently uploaded by users. eg, click ‘singles’ and pick a year, any year…

  5. Robotlab - art | installation | research

    Industrial robotic arms repurposed as super-accurate DJs. (via Schluze & Webb)

  6. The Perfumed Garden: Brian Eno & The Winkies - 5th March 1974

    I had no idea Eno did a Peel Session, but here it is!

  7. YouTube - Radiohead - Creep (1st time on tv?) 1993

    Even earlier, on Gary Crowley’s ‘The Beat’. Odd sound mix makes it sound like he’s alone in his bedroom screaming along to an underpowered stereo. Fab.

  8. YouTube - Radiohead - Creep Live 94

    I’m such an indie kid, but this was great stuff. Shivers down my spine. (via Kottke)

  9. Office Naps: Fresh 45 rpm curios every Monday

    Very much enjoying all these 1960s singles (the most recent post is a bit unexciting, but others are fab). And the images look great in iTunes’ Cover Flow view.

  10. The Perfumed Garden

    I’ve been very much enjoying this weblog that posts Peel Session MP3s (there’s a long list in the sidebar under ‘Active Sessions’).

  11. CD/Album Cover Art Search

    Might be useful at some point in the future, like so many things. (via Meish)

  12. The Ten Thousand Things

    I was following this eclectic MP3 blog a while back and somehow missed that Blake Leyh is also music supervisor on ‘The Wire’, which you must watch if you haven’t already.

  13. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Musical copyright terms ‘to stay’

    Yay. Is making money off your work fifty years after you did it not good enough!?

  14. Site Updates –

    A prayer is answered and a miracle happens: A decent way of finding out about gigs you might be interested in has appeared, and gets even better. You need to log in to see it though.

  15. YouTube - Torn

    Caught this performance while flipping channels the other night and liked it a lot. The Internet’s great when you can just point at bits of TV like this.

  16. Music: Pocketbooks: Indie-Pop | Nothing But Green Lights: A UK mp3 blog.

    Loving this song. The first to feature an Oyster Card and London Underground fare boundaries? Sometimes it’s like Sarah Records never went away.

  17. Potion Factory Blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Tangerine

    Interesting Mac app for creating iTunes playlists organised by BPM. It’s BPM-working-out algorithm needs some tweaking though, as it’s more miss than hit for me (eg, it thinks a few slow acoustic guitar tracks are 180 BPM). (via Plasticbag)

  18. UBUWEB :: Alvin Lucier

    Lucier’s ‘I Am Sitting in a Room’ track, which Paul Morley goes on (and on and on) about in his ‘Words and Music’ book, as MP3. 1969 tape recording avant-garde.

  19. YouTube - Battle of The Bands

    Oodles of album art animated Gilliam style. Very nicely done. (via Haddock)

  20. Today’s Blog Music / The Hype Machine - discover, listen and buy music discussed on the best mp3 blogs

    MP3 blog aggregator that lets you play the aggregated music in a Flash player.

  21. Mocking Music: NME C86: Side B

    This makes me very happy. MP3s of all tracks on the NME’s C86 tape. I only started listening to jangly indie stuff a year or two later, so this is nearly all new to me. Twenty years, blimey.

  22. YouTube - The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New

    Nice video for the new, lovely, Mountain Goats single.

  23. - Soviet Music

    Lots of free Soviet MP3s. Hear a choir sing (apparently) ‘Capital Oppresses Us’ and other family favourites. Also, speeches and lots of Soviet posters.

  24. 1,500 of Your Favorite 80’s Videos!

    No idea why it’s at that domain, but there’s enough there to pretend you’re a guest on your own “I Love the 1980s” clip show. (via Ted Mills)


    What was Norm’s 78 Record Room. Oodles of old country, blues, regional US records downloadable as MP3s.

  26. Jacob Borshard

    ‘The Last Brontosaurus’ is my current favourite album and it’s free! Treading the fine line between twee and heart-breaking. (via Said the Gramophone)

  27. Take Your Medicine - UK Music Podcast

    Now I’ve found a podcast I like I *finally* see the point of them.

  28. The Observer | OMM | A northern soul

    Paul Morley on the Manchester and Liverpool punk scenes from 1976 and beyond. I always find his excitement infectious. (via Ted Mills)

  29. AMK design | Last 10 tracks on your website

    Simple but good PHP code for putting your recent tracks on your site. Inspired me to rewrite all my stupidly over-engineered code for along the same lines. (via Kottke)

  30. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself - Public Videos // pajamapants

    Videos and interviews with musicians, lots of Britpoppy stuff from the early 1990s including loads from Sleeper. Suddenly I feel 10+ years younger. Fab.

  31. Lily Allen

    Catchy, wonderful tunes. But can I buy them or legally download them? No. Chance of me being sick of them before I can pay for them? High. How silly is the music industry? Very.

  32. Classic Cat - the free classical music directory

    Directory with links to musicians’ sites with free MP3s of their classical performances.

  33. BBC - Radio 3 - Mixing It - P J Harvey

    I always forget to listen to Mixing It, but last night I stumbled on this long PJ Harvey session. Yum. Listen Again from /radio3/mixingit/ for the next week.

  34. BBC - Radio 1 - Zane Lowe - Tracklisting - Thursday 16 February 2006

    Fantastic 90 minutes of break-up songs. Be a maudlin teenager all over again. 30 mins into the show, if you can find the Listen Again link. And if you can put up with the appalling Zane Lowe.

  35. Intense / complex classical music | Ask MetaFilter

    Handy recommendations from Arvo Part to, er, the ‘Conan the Barbarian’ soundtrack. (via ChrisDodo)

  36. CD WOW! - Welcome to CD WOW!

    Cheap CDs, free delivery. I’ll forget the domain if I don’t put it here…

  37. C90 Go: Number 1

    Reminiscing about music taped from 1988/89’s Festive Fifities. Very familiar: I taped the same. I’m an individual like everyone else. (Found when searching for ‘Convenience’ by Bob.)

  38. Web Services - Audioscrobbler

    It’s been a while since I looked - I didn’t realise there was so much juicy data easily accessible.

  39. Stone Cold Pimpin’: Petracovich - The New Video

    My friend Ted’s made a lovely music video for Petracovich’s dreamy track ‘Others’.

  40. Eclectech : the very model of a modern labour minister : a tribute to charles clarke and his id cards

    Wonderful. The only thing that would make this better was if it was released and got to Number 1…

  41. - 44 - Ukelele player

    Just neatly competent at first. But after a while his hand speeds up until you can’t see it any more.

  42. BBC - Radio 3 - Beethoven Experience - downloads

    So close. Otherwise fab idea greatly marred by not splitting MP3s into movements and including the announcer’s long introduction! Doh.

  43. The Tofu Hut - Monday, May 09, 2005

    Huge categorised list of MP3 blogs and other sites with free MP3s.

  44. The Number One Songs In Heaven: Boogie Friday

    God, I love it when that happens (see my comment). Happy happy.

  45. Teenage Kicks 3000

    More Peel sesssions. I must have been dozing to miss these.

  46. Right place, right time, wrong speed - The Peel Tapes

    MP3s of John Peel shows, sessions, interviews, etc.

  47. - The Singing Dictionary

    First saw this four years ago, but don’t remember it, and it’s awesome.

  48. Soul sides: Revolutionary Mixtape - A M.A.N. Contribution

    Awesome. I want more themed MP3 blog posts collecting definitive(ish) tracks from ever narrower movements, scenes, ideas, etc.

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