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  1. Paul Morley’s showing off … Classical | Music |

    Somehow I was unaware of the BBC programme and now it’s off iPlayer. Grrr. Sounds awesome and I’ve only read ‘Critic to Composer’ so far. (via Blackbeltjones)

  2. Spotify playlist: Chart Hits 83

    I made a playlist of that K-Tel double cassette compilation I was banging on about a while back. A few omissions, but otherwise it’s all there.

  3. Spotify + = good

    I had exactly the same problem with Spotify — unsure what to listen to. ShareMyPlaylists does seem like a good way in.

  4. + Spotify + Find new albums

    Find albums by your top artists on that have recently been added to Spotify. Although many are albums I already have, which is how I’ve listened to them on… (via Tom Taylor)

  5. John Harris asks whether the best writing about pop music hails from a different era | Music | The Guardian

    While I’m at it, I enjoyed this too, about whether music writing isn’t as good as it used to be. It never was. Or maybe it’s always moving so it’s not where you left it.

  6. Potlatch: what’s going on with the music formerly known as ‘indie’?

    A nice piece about how mixed up music is today and what counts as “timeless”. I need to read more good music writing. Maybe I can NewspaperClub my own NME/MM. (via Matt Jones)

  7. Stupidfresh: Highs in the low 70s

    A nice summery bunch of summery tunes for the summer. (via Soul Sides)

  8. My Cassette’s Just Like A Bazooka?

    A complete discography for all the tapes/records/CDs given away by NME between 1981 and 1988. Also some good commentary on the music and the paper. All we need now is a torrent…

  9. YouTube - Unit Four Plus Two — Concrete and Clay

    1965(?) video for the song, filmed on the building site that was to become the Barbican.

  10. Schmusic [House is a Feeling]

    An interesting write-up of a talk, with lots of YouTube examples, about Chuck Roberts’ “In the beginning there was jack…” a capella “My House” sermon and how well it works over different instrumentals. (via Soul Sides)

  11. Festive 50 - Lists between 1976 and 2000 «

    Spotify playlists for (incomplete) John Peel’s Festive Fifties. (via Paulpod on Twitter)

  12. Main Page - Lyrics from LyricWiki

    Never trawl through those oodles of banner-ad and ringtone laden sites filled with scraped and inaccurate lyrics again. Can’t believe I’ve never seen this before.

  13. Twee as Fuck

    Fanzine, monthly London club night, record label. Looks great. (Warning: the naughty page plays music when it loads.)

  14. is serially monomaniacal: Hallelujah

    2007 article about Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and its covers. Also good on ‘The OC’. More decent writing about TV please. (via Blech)

  15. Jacob Borshard - A Glow In The Dark

    His new, third, still FREE album. Usual stuff: twee, ukelele, love, Star Trek references.

  16. Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware

    I had no idea there was open source alternative software for MP3 players, including early iPods. (via Boing Boing)

  17. Pillow Speaker With Volume Control: Electronics & Photo:

    Years ago I tried a Laurie Anderson sculpture that pretty much did just this and it was lovely. Hmm… (via Haddock)

  18. Playlists and Archives for Mudd Up! with DJ/Rupture

    New favourite podcast. Completely corking. I think it’s what characters in William Gibson novels listen to.

  19. Opentape

    Host-your-own version of Muxtape. What happens when a centralised system is squashed by lawyers: thousands of individual versions flower around the edges. (via Infovore)

  20. The Online 78 rpm Discographical Project

    Detailed information about thousands of 78 RPM recordings. I love the Internet.

  21. My Collection of Recorded 78 RPM Records - Free MP3 Downloads

    Currently 3,739 free MP3s ripped from one guy’s 78rpm records. That’s a lot of listening. (via Boing Boing)

  22. Stone Cold Pimpin’: NASA’s Forgotten Ambient Albums

    “Space music” from 1992: “raw, uncatalogued space sounds data … we selected random information from the raw data and processed it to produce ‘Symphonies of the Planets’”. Ambient “music”.

  23. Daytrotter | A Constant Reminder That People Burn And So Does Time | The Mountain Goats

    MP3s of four newish songs recorded specially for this site by the Mountain Goats. Lovely lovely.

  24. MuxFind: Search for Muxtapes

    Finds muxtapes (online playlists) similar to artists or other muxtapes you like. (via Haddock)

  25. Soundamus - new and upcoming music releases from the artists you listen to

    Looks at your playlist and tells you when new music by your listened-to artists is released. Could do with some kind of threshold, but still very useful.

  26. Zamzar - Free online file conversion

    Convert a file to a different kind. Audio, video, text documents, archives, etc. Plus download YouTube etc videos in a different format. (via Cool Tools)

  27. Purgatory Creek

    For the “Digital Piano Shootout” — MP3s of dozens of different digital pianos for comparison.

  28. YouTube - Design Coding

    Rap: “Please don’t use tables even though they work fine, when it come to indexing they give searches a hard time. Make it easy for the spiders to crawl what you provide, remove font-type, font-color and font-size.” Awesome. (via Haddock)


    My Muxtape. Which may or may not update occasionally.

  30. YouTube - Los Campesinos - You! Me! Dancing!

    Fun animated video for one of my favourite tunes of 2006 AND 2007. The animation bears no relation to the song, but still… (via Drawn!)

  31. The Colorblind James Experience: Absolutely More!

    History of the band, with MP3s to download, by people in the band.

  32. Video - The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton

    (A reluctant) Eddie Argos out of Art Brut singing along with the Mountain Goats at the Union Chapel a week ago. Made me very happy.

  33. Indiepop Radio

    Fantastic. “Indie songs with proper tunes and proper lyrics: Indiepop, Sarah Records, Brit-Pop, Shoegaze, Twee…” Streaming radio and a podcast.

  34. Nonesuch to Release Music from Five Years of “The Wire”

    Sounds good… and only six weeks to go until the fifth season begins.

  35. Under the Radar - Miki Berenyi

    Nice down-to-earth interview with the Lush lead singer. Reading about ex-pop stars having normal lives is odd. (via Blackbeltjones)

  36. Soundtrack To War

    Good 90 minute documentary on what music US troops in Iraq, and Iraqis, listen to and make. Mostly: white troops listen to metal, black troops to rap.

  37. Marseille Figs

    Much much more on the band.

  38. Room Thirteen - Where Music Rocks - Marseille Figs - The Dirty Canon

    Good review for Dorian and co’s new album, which is very fine.

  39. YouTube - What’s He Building?

    Excellent Tom Waits track. I love the (spoken) lyrics and the video lives up to them. (via Haddock)

  40. Mudd up! » archive » Defending the Pig - Oink Croaks

    A nice defence and obituary for Oink, by an artist whose music was shared by people on the site. (via Infovore)

  41. Silent Noise Control

    Another MP3blog with full albums, this one on “industrial, electronic and experimental weirdness.”

  42. Fauni Gena

    While looking for MP3blogs on electronic music (any suggestions?) I came across this one on ambient music.

  43. Sheet Music Plus - World’s Best Piano Arrangements

    “100 Golden Standards Arranged by the Greatest Pianists of the Century!”

  44. Billie the vision and the dancers

    Gorgeous, tuneful, twee Swedish pop, all free. If you try one track, try ‘A Beautiful Night in Oslo’. (via Not Your Usual Bollocks)

  45. DJ Earworm Mashups » No One Takes Your Freedom

    While I’m at it, this is my other favourite mashup. Great fun.

  46. Mark Vidler // Go Home Productions

    12 CDs worth (4 more to come) of mashups / bootlegs / remixes, his complete back catalogue, free. Of the few I know, ‘Girl Wants (To Say Goodbye To) Rock & Roll’ on CD6 is one of my favourite bootlegs. (No permalink)

  47. LastGraph: Home

    Create completely stunning and fascinating colourful graphs of your data. The best way I’ve ever seen of getting a good impression of what you’ve listened to. If only I had data for my whole life of listening. (via Plasticbag)

  48. – the Blog · Audio Fingerprinting for Clean Metadata

    Help identify tracks, albums and artists better, in return for a future free API. Pretty slow going on my ageing PowerBook though. (via Plasticbag)

  49. BigO Worldwide - Brian Eno, Joanna MacGregor and Bath Camerata

    MP3s of a concert at Bath Abbey in 2006. ‘Music for Airports’ performed live for the first time is pretty good.

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