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Links tagged with “movie”

  1. Scarytree Films - Here Comes Funky Kazoo

    My friend Mark’s rather nice short film, in which I make a very brief and silent appearance.

  2. Hulu - Metropolitan

    Whit Stillman has put his first film, ‘Metropolitan’, up on Hulu for free viewing. But, like the rest of Hulu, it only works in the US.

  3. Film Archive - FourDocs - Listen to Britain

    Nice short film of images and sounds from wartime Britain (if you sit through the introduction from the Canadian). Terence Davies mentions it in the current ‘Sight & Sound’.

  4. Russell davies: copy and paste

    Very nice and easily-created rapid slideshow of a month’s worth of photos. Fab idea.

  5. The Backlot (Watchmen)

    I was trying not to get my hopes up about the movie, but then I saw this and I’m getting very, very excited. Hopefully this won’t all end in tears.

  6. YouTube - A Charlie Brown Christmas (full length)

    Joy! I love the internet and I now feel Christmassy. And I think Charlie Brown grows up to become Jon Ronson.

  7. Patryk Rebisz - Between You And Me

    Lovely short film shot using a digital still camera. There were a few awkward moments for me, but it looks wonderful and the technology makes it more dreamy. (via Blech)

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