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Links tagged with “markdown”

  1. Ionaru/easy-markdown-editor: EasyMDE

    I’ve tried several textarea-improving things and this one is just the ticket for my needs.

  2. MWeb - Pro Markdown writing, note taking and static blog generator App - MWeb

    Sounds like a nice thing. Haven’t tried it. (via @gilest)

  3. MacDown: The open source Markdown editor for OS X.

    “The open source Markdown editor for OS X.” Seems nice. (via Infovore)

  4. Marp - Markdown Presentation Writer

    Open source, multi-platform. Might be worth a look as I found Deckset frustrating and a bit limiting. (via Brett Terpstra)

  5. Deckset for Mac: Turn your notes into beautiful presentations

    Presentation app that uses Markdown files. Aside from the current inability to create or edit the themes, it seems really nicely done. And currently 75% off. (via @rooreynolds)

  6. Wikitten

    Simple PHP-based wiki, uses Markdown or HTML syntax, has syntax highlighting for code blocks. (via @benbrown)

  7. Babelmark 2 - Compare markdown implementations

    See how a load of different Markdown libraries generate HTML from the same input. The FAQ has a long list of examples that show differences. (via @aanand)

  8. Html2text: THE ASCIINATOR (aka html2txt)

    Turns a web page into Markdown-formatted ASCII. (via Preoccupations)

  9. Make.text

    Bookmarklet to convert a web page into Markdown syntax (which I’ve started to use almost everywhere). Could be handy. (via Daring Fireball)

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