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Links tagged with “making”

  1. Electric Flapjack Guitars

    I really enjoy Michael’s weeknotes about making electric guitars. I know nothing about making things like this but he explains the problems, thoughts and solutions clearly.

  2. The year of the Good Night Lamp

    Alex on what she’s learned so far from getting her product made, marketed and shipped.

  3. Metafoundry 15: Scribbled Leatherjackets

    I’ve always been a little uneasy about the enthusiastic “makers are good, non-makers are bad” distinction that’s implicit in a lot of things in “our” world these days. Deb Chachra does a good job of explaining why. (via many people)

  4. the making of makers

    Nick Sweeney being positive about new independent “makers”, but also on how not-new the idea is. I like the Arts & Crafts parallel.

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