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Links tagged with “localgovernment”

  1. The Strange Death of Municipal England (London Review of Books)

    A good read, especially if you’re feeling all full of optimism about a new year and need to be brought crashing back to earth.

  2. Local councils have right to say their prayers, says Eric Pickles | Society | The Guardian

    Wow, I had no idea lots of councils have (Christian) prayers as part of their meetings. Nuts. it’s like living in America.

  3. Welcome To The North » A whole lot of nothing

    A transcript of an interview with Doncaster’s new mayor, whose election manifesto might as well have been written by people who post the BBC’s Have Your Say comments. (via Haddock)

  4. :: View topic - Has anyone else received the faulty postal vote forms?

    This all sounds a bit dodgy, in the City of London’s bizarre version of democracy.

  5. Redland Green School Overspend - The Report | James Barlow

    Nice deadpan assessment of an apparently poor report into the £6.4 million overspend on construction of a new Bristol school. (via the Bristol Blogger)

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