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  1. LISPA - School - Information - Film

    LISPA has a new website and a promotional film. The pictures at the top are people from my year, the film features people from the year above. Very strange, and lovely, to see and hear all this stuff again.

  2. Home is where the heart is

    Another weblog by someone at LISPA, currently doing the second year. Still odd to read about people doing what I did exactly one or two years ago.

  3. Remember to breathe: Catching up a bit

    I’m loving Eric’s account of being at LISPA. Nicely written and very reflective. He’s the father of someone I was there with until July, and is now doing the course himself!

  4. Advanced Course - Spacelab 07/08 - The Fantastical

    Photos from our class in which we made puppets and costumes on the theme of “the abyss”. (I haven’t finished anything for it yet.)

  5. Art and Heart: The End of Term Four, part II

    Isabel’s experience of the end-of-year-one LISPA project, and the horror of shifting deadlines.

  6. LISPA - Naropa Alumni

    People who were at the college I’m now at.

  7. Yahoo! Photos - Photos de pvolant - Space Lab

    Pierre’s photos from our class in which we had to make a sculpture representing an anodyne Trashcan Sinatras tune.

  8. Isabelkate: long time no write

    Descriptions of my LISPA teachers by Isabel who’s in the afternoon group. Probably more enthusiastic than I’d be, but isn’t that always the case.

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