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Links tagged with “languages”

  1. The Goldlist Method in a Nutshell by Lýdia Machová (PDF)

    For learning foreign language vocabulary. Sounds like magic.

  2. Free German Online Courses Level A1 to B1 | DW Learn German

    These seem really good, especially for free. (via Ask MetaFilter)

  3. Nachrichten | DW

    Free daily world news podcast in slowly-read German. Great for learning.

  4. German for English Speakers | A free online resource

    Clear, helpful, simply laid out, no distractions. It’s odd, and a shame, that such virtues feel “old fashioned” on the web.

  5. Joshua Foer: John Quijada and Ithkuil, the Language He Invented : The New Yorker

    (December 2012) This is mostly an interesting look at invented languages and one in particular. And there’s quite a sudden unexpected turn towards the end. A good read.

  6. Diary by Lynn Visson (London Review of Books)

    A shortish piece on being an interpreter at the UN.

  7. Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards

    Free software for learning stuff off flashcards.

  8. How to type French characters

    Because, like Blech on 2lmc, I’ll need to do this on a Windows machine at some point and I’ve never understood how to do that.

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