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Links tagged with “kickstarter”

  1. The Real Review: a bi-monthly architecture magazine by Jack Self — Kickstarter

    Sounds good: backed. I might have pledged more if the guy could have managed a smile. (via @cityofsound)

  2. the making of makers

    Nick Sweeney being positive about new independent “makers”, but also on how not-new the idea is. I like the Arts & Crafts parallel.

  3. A Paper Internet by Carlos Bueno — Kickstarter

    Pledge money towards one of those “web pages printed out and encased in resin” time capsules. Pledge enough and you choose 500 pages to be printed. (via Beyond the Beyond)

  4. Musopen raises $40,000 to set classical music “free”

    Love this - raising money via Kickstarter to hire orchestras to record copyright-free versions of classical music. (via Waxy)

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