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Links tagged with “illustration”

  1. Places | Eleanor Crow Illustration

    I love the watercolour shop fronts. (via @undermanager)

  2. Comics — Jeffrey Alan Love

    I love the comics and illustration work here. Shows what you can do with not much more than silhouettes. (via Warren Ellis)

  3. Nighttime

    Nice illustrations, sold as prints, of some mostly London buildings.

  4. Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery

    Really lovely illustrations. To quote one review, “the deeply creepy, robot-and-monster-haunted alt-Sweden”. (via Paul Pod)

  5. James Ferguson illustrations | The New York Review of Books

    I love these watercolour(?) caricatures/portraits, the solidity of them. (I also love that the NYRB’s search results can generate results like this for one of their illustrators.)

  6. John Bryce SWE RE - Along the Thames

    This was also at the Bankside Gallery. Tiny, slightly twee, but very nice. He doesn’t seem to have a website, but Google images turns up a few others, many detailed London views.

  7. Six Snapshots of St Paul’s - Anne Desmet

    Saw a single version of this Bankside Gallery today. Nice, tiny, detailed. A good not-touristy, vertical London landscape.

  8. Print-Process / Artist - Melissa Price

    I imagine that if you did a lot of driving you might have some attachment to particular junctions. Even without that, I like these posters of junctions on the M1.

  9. Free Andrew Loomis Art Intstruction Downloads « Escape From Illustration Island

    Some lovely old copyright-free books on figure drawing as PDFs. (via Ministry of Type)

  10. Dallas Clayton - An Awesome Book

    If you need a little inspiring, this is like a lovely “think something big!” pill. (via Haddock)

  11. Urban Sketchers

    I’m very much enjoying this so far. A group weblog from dozens of sketching people in cities around the world. Some inspiring stuff.

  12. Byroglyphics - news

    I love some of these paintings / illustrations. Well-drawn plus splattery! (via Drawn!)

  13. Illustration Friday

    A different topic every week for you to create an illustration about. Lovely idea. Why are there so few hours in the day and days in the week? I want to do everything. (via Haddock)

  14. Stefan Glerum

    I’m liking this chap’s black and white illustrations so far. Dark and humorous. (via Drawn)

  15. Hong Kong’s Most Disturbing CG Illustrations « WITMOT?

    Hong Kong’s ‘Apple Daily’ makes computer images for news stories when there are no photos. Hilarious, especially if you scroll down to Morgan Freeman. (via Ted Mills)

  16. Postcard from Provence ◊ a painting a day ◊ a daily painting blog

    He paints a painting every day and then auctions it. Lovely paintings. Something like this has been my exit strategy for a while (assuming I found time to improve at painting/drawing/etc). (via Textism)

  17. Ladybird Prints

    Nostalgia prints. Great idea, some lovely illustrations there. (via Blech)

  18. Alexandre Day

    I like these drawings. Verge slightly on the too twee, with those winsome eyes, but I love the marks. (via Drawn!)

  19. Ironic Sans: The Other Art of Courtroom Sketch Artists

    What the people who do the drawings of court proceedings draw/paint when not in court. I like Patrick Flynn’s court work there. (via Drawn!)

  20. Melamed

    Some great illustrations by Victor Melamed. (via Drawn!)

  21. Alex Green

    Lovely illustrations (warning: plays music and, like most illustrators’ sites, features an annoying and tiresomely unique interface).

  22. “An Ilustrated Life” Preview

    Lovely collection of pages from “artists, illustrators and designers’” sketchbooks. Awful slidy Flash interface though. Illustrators are worse than estate agents in their use of appalling interface techniques. (via Ted Mills)

  23. Em-K :: Emily Ketteringham :: Screen print gallery

    My favourite work seen on the ‘Southville Art & Performance Trail’ in Bristol last weekend.

  24. Philippe Jusforgues - Home

    Excellent photo collage illustrations. Very simple, very effective. (via Ted Mills)

  25. Die Stadt, Frans Masereel, 1925

    Great wood cuts. (via City of Sound)

  26. David Hughes Illustration

    I loved his work when I was at college and he’s still going strong and has a new website. Excellent scratchy pen action. (via Drawn!)

  27. LAPL Virtual Photo: Far and Wide

    Wonderful collection of 1920s and 1930s travel posters advertising exotic destinations like California, Bermuda and North Wales. (Click the little ‘Next Page’ link, bottom right.) (via Drawn!)

  28. Martin Wittfooth

    Lovely surreal paintings and drawings. (via Drawn!)


    Some nice tutorials and ideas there. (via Drawn!)

  30. Mattias Adolfsson

    Wonderful, solid, sketchy drawings. Click the “Drawing” or “Sketch Books” links. Inspiring. (via Drawn!)

  31. Blair kelly studio

    Gorgeous lino cuts. One day I’m going to do lino cuts again. I can dream that they’ll be this good. (via Drawn!)

  32. Randy Glass Studio

    Incredibly detailed and accurate black and white ink(?) illustrations. (via Drawn!)

  33. André Carrilho

    Some fab distorted caricatures here. (But what is it with illustrators’ websites and endless Flash and pop-up windows? Hello, it’s the 21st century, please keep up.) (via Drawn!)

  34. Kyle Reed Illustration | 905.297.9454

    Some of these collage illustrations are great, although I wish he’d use a few more of the original photos’ features rather than, say, making eyes out of black and white paper. (via Drawn!)

  35. Process Recess

    Some gorgeous life drawings on this illustrator’s weblog. (via

  36. Drawn! The Illustration Blog

    My new favourite weblog, full of inspiration. (via Boing Boing)

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