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Links tagged with “hackney”

  1. London Centre for Book Arts

    New, in Hackney, devoted to artists’ books. They do classes on printing, binding, etc. (via the Guardian)

  2. Jones the planner: Hackney Hipsters

    Ignoring the hipster stuff, a good look at some of the developing and developed parts of Hackney. “There is a fundamental mismatch between what ‘regeneration’ does and the sort of organic development that resulted in the Shoreditch of today. … Most developers do exactly the opposite of what makes Shoreditch successful.” (via @amcewen)

  3. Hackney London Riots | Stylenoir

    A decent report and photos by a style mag from the London riots, #2. (via @catfunt)

  4. The Battle of Mare Street «

    A decent report and photos by a style mag from the London riots, #1. (via @alanconnor)

  5. S.E.H Kelly — Clothes made in England and the British Isles

    Men’s clothes, made entirely from UK materials (including the buttons), based in Hackney, London. Although they all look too short for me.

  6. Mare Street’s failed music venue Ocean to reopen as Hackney Picture House next year - News - Hackney Gazette

    Ooh, that’s good. I wish it had been a decent cinema when I lived up the road, rather than the ill-thought-out Ocean. (via @catfunt)


    Lovely kind of cross-section of psycho-geographic-neighbourhoods or something. I’d love to see lots more of these. (via Tom Taylor)

  8. Interview: ‘Eine’ and the letters he paints on east London shop shutters | I Shot the Deputy

    I’ve been meaning to look up the story behind the letters I cycle past every day, and a photo by Alice prompted me to do so.

  9. Flickr: Archive of Strand Building Hackney’s photos posted to Flickr on 16th July 2006

    The Strand Building, where I used to live, has finally had its central courtyard remodelled (necessary due to leakage into the garage below). Beautifully done, although the fountain looks odd.

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