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Links tagged with “gps”

  1. Bristol - Real Time Information

    Real-time information of buses’ departure from bus stops, tracking buses fitted with GPS. Not the most beautifully implemented thing in the world but it looks like it works (eg, try postcode “BS1 5TR”). (via City of Sound)


    Awesome little app by Simon Willison that shows you places near you from Wikipedia, using Yahoo! Fire Eagle. Makes me want an iPhone.

  3. Merchandise - OpenStreetMap

    Very nice large map of plotted GPS data in London, only ten quid. Even better, raises money for OpenStreetMap. (via Tom Carden)

  4. Free The Postcode!

    Creating a free UK postcode database. Laudable, but I doubt it’ll be comprehenive enough to be usable or keep up with churn. (via Tom Carden)

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